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  1. I'm using Sure Fire 30 rounds mags in my stock Saiga 223 Sporter. They required no modifications to work. It's not unusual for a Sure Fire mag to require just a wee bit of coaxing with a file to fit properly. Mine didn't. They worked just fine as is. Don <>< Same here i see all the people who need to file their mags to fit..... my surefires snapped right in and didnt move or wiggle a bit, i almost like them more than the circle 10 and tapco, i prefer the LRBHO feature.
  2. im sure if you search mag adaptor there would be countless hours of reading to do on all the information you could want.
  3. I worry with all the scare that we might not be able to get any more magazines for guns that involve the so called "assualt rifle ban" but im wondering if this will all blow over and prices will return to normal, or will it make it impossible to get what we want? So is it a bad time to buy with prices skyrocketed or save and hope for the best?
  4. Just received my gages in the mail. the bolt fullt locks on the go gage, and doesnt lock on the no-go, so i think im set then
  5. Thanks again Mancat, i will wait to try the gages, and get back in a few weeks
  6. so are go-gages and a no go-gages as black and white as they look, just if the bolt closes on the go and wont on the no-go? i ordered them and will see when they come in next week sometime
  7. i appreciate all the help from everybody, and i am quite impressed by Mancat's knowledge, i am going out to buy a go-gage and a no-go gage to test my rifle and thats that, ill take the words of wisdom i asked forand make sure it is good.
  8. I guess you could say that michigan is still in the backwoos when it comes to guns, no one likes semiauto firearms around here besides the younger generation, but from where i am i cant even use a rifle to hunt, but anyways im sure he is the gunsmith and i originally bought the rifle from his store and if it goes kaboom on me some time, im sure i can take it back to him and get a refund or a new converted rife. And after posting on here last night i took it out back and loaded it up and it still shoots the same but now i can actually unload the chamber with ease if nesessary... so as far as im
  9. i dont have any besides the one i have right now.. kinda wished i have kept the slabsided ones instead but i HAD to have the dimples
  10. Just got my rifle back, taking the man who fixed it's word for it didnt even test the rifle out...... Got home and put in a empty steel cased shell, it didnt stick but still felt tacky, a empty brass next and it was able to be removed easily. Is this typical like high brass vs. low brass on a shotgun?. And buy the way he only need to polish the face of the bolt and did nothing else, by the time im done with this rifle i could right a book about minor problems and cure on russian firearms hahaah
  11. i heard that mr.clean majic eraser will work to make the rifle aged (appearance) and i have seen ut done, it just took a good while though
  12. Haha, alright guys i found a guy down state a ways, he said he can polish the bolt face and see if that helps and if not he fix it, he explained it a bit better but it ahs been a long day... But im taking it down tommorow morning and bringing it back shortly after.
  13. Took it to a gunsmith today and was told that headspacing was the deal, i was also told that tight headspacing isnt a problem just a inconvienence. I was told that it is safe and i should only be really worried about loose headspacing. Does anyone have any input, i want to take his word but some reinforcemnet to it would be nice.
  14. normally i just shoot 20pack bullets and nothing more, but those 20 round packs all came from a bulk pack of 5,000 rounds so i initially though maybe the bullets were bad as suggested so i bought some different and determined it was something else, but i only have 80 or so packs of bullets left so i have shot near 3500 rounds and nothing yet has happened, and the other day i bought some new mags at a gunshow and never hardly shoot that gun till she gets hot so i shot quite a bit and went to go check out the target thats when i realized the problem. And i will take her in to see if its such a p
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