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Need a POSP 4x24 Scope Manual

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I'm new, just purchased a Saiga 223 and then a new POSP 4x24 Rifle Scope w/400 Meter Rangefinder, AK Version. Just thought I'd say hello. I cannot access the kalinkaoptics site and did post a question about the manual for the scope but I found it on the net (with other advertisements) and I can use it so I changed my post.


I'm excited as I've not visited the range with the rifle yet (I'm just a target shooter with minimal hunting activity). I'm in NY state so the magazine haa to be 10 rounds, that's not a problem for me but I wish it could be 20.


I got this rifle for it's dependability, I also have a different manufacturers' 223 and am happy with that also.


I also have other guns for fun and they also will be available if I need them.


I do not have an AR as my Army experience with it was not good (I was fortunate, no combat). I'm not trying to start a discussion about the suitability of AR's, just stating my uninformed opinion.


There is a great deal of useful information for me on this site, thanks to all for posting. I'm slowly going through them and getting educated. Since I'm new to the Saiga, I doubt I can contribute much at first but hope to contribute as time goes by. I must say Kalinka delivered fast and the Scope looks really good and sturdy.




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