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Somewhere I read someones post about pinning the FSB on, and they recommended "sighting it in" first, at the range, then marking it and pinning it in place. Kinda like bore sighting a scope I guess.


I can't find the thread, but had a question about it.


Was that only for a saiga that originally had a pressed on sight, where you have to drill pin holes yourself?


My factory FSB was pinned, so it already has holes, so am I correct in assuming that i'm not gonna be able to budge it from where the pin holes are anyway so might as well pin the new one where the pins line up, and just drift the windage to correct for any slight cant it could end up with ?

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Correct, sighting in is needed when aligning a FSB for the first time, this is to eliminate any cant and have the most room for windage adjustment.

Once the FSB is positioned and marked then you can return to your shop to drill the holes.


Was the old pinned FSB canted?

If not, then as long as the new FSB's pin holes were properly drilled, you should be GtG, position and repin in original's location.

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Most AKs should be able to budge the FSB a degree or two in either direction without removing the pins. Hit it with a dead blow. Any more, or if the FSB is an exceptionally tight press fit, you would probably need to redrill/repin.

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