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I have been working on this gun for a while now but I have taken this about as far as I am going to at this point. My main interest is in long range rifle so I need to create some money to support that expensive addiction.


Here is my build thread for the background and pics. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/76696-my-first-gun-project/


This is a fully functional gun, all unfinished work is mostly cosmetic or optional (back plate for folding stock for example)


Some quick details on the current state.


It's a bit scuffed up from being worked on, needs to be refinished.


There is no rear plate still, I wanted to leave that option open for the next owner and not weld something on when they wanted something else.


Wallmart bulk isn't that great, Federal is good at about 90% higher velocity cheap stuff works fine, 00 Buck is no problem, cycles 3" mags perfect (my shoulder wasn't happy about that though). Bear in mind that these results are shooting pistol grip only so it should be better with a stock.


Recoil is no problem with the brake and auto plug combo.


Parts are: auto plug, CSS conversion kit with CSS trigger guard, Tromix Monster Brake in the middle, highly customized UTG handguard (former quad rail), SAW grip, Tromix Extended Bolt on handle.


Gas system shortened by 3.75"


Holes for the mid brake are drilled so that if you cut the barrel off at the first one you would have a ~7.5" SBS or about 11" at the end of the Monster Brake..


I am willing to make videos with different ammo upon request and if you have a specific ammo type in mind I will work with you (within reason).


Comes with factory 5rd, 2x 8rd, 1x 12rd and Promag 12 drum.


Price is $1500 OBO shipped/FTF, open to partial trades


Possible trade ideas: 223 reloading equipment (I like the turret presses), Saiga 223, G17 mags, good quality scope (Mil-Mil only, 12x or higher), rifle bipod, AR linear comp, Mossberg 500 recoil absorbing pistol grip stock, 10/22 bolt/trigger upgrades. Open to ideas!


VERY interested in a high quality .308 suppressor.


That's it, let me know if you are interested




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I have seen this shotty run up close and it is flawless, would make a great SBS.

Romad7 is cool to deal with, should have seen his face when I tried to low ball a price after

we had agreed to the sale, priceless.LOL

Anyway some one is gone get a DEAL on all the work that has been done to this S12.

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Yeah, that was fun, wasn't sure if we were going to have some words for a moment but that turned out to be a good day. Like I said, I had a guy try that who wasn't joking, I was close to making him eat the item before he righted himself.


Thanks for the help!

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Here's the link for the video.


The video is a little dark because of the sky but the intent was met, just wanted to show how the gun cycles Federal bulk rounds. I tried to do an unedited, this is the true condition, etc but I had some technical difficulties and the video is 3 segment together.



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