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  1. Just got it back but I'll post vids after I get a chance to test it.
  2. Here's where this ended up for anyone that's interested.
  3. The letter that I just got said that Form 6s will be first then they will phase everything in over time. Here you go, https://www.dropbox.com/s/hdfd7f9el5u9xf0/eForms%20Letter%204-16-14%20final.pdf
  4. Hope this works, for those of you not in the system, latest from the ATF on this subject. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hdfd7f9el5u9xf0/eForms%20Letter%204-16-14%20final.pdf
  5. Keep trying, it took me a week or so to get it all done for 2 Form 1s trying roughly every other day. If it saves me months then a week is worth it. Also, here's the email on scheduled down times. Good afternoon: You are in receipt of this email because you are a registered user of ATF eForms. Please review the attached Urgent Notice relating to an important issue we are experiencing with the eForms system. Reminder: In an attempt to improve the performance of eForms we are restarting the eForms system everyday at the following times (Eastern time). During each resta
  6. That's what I ended up with, just make sure you pin or weld the leftover threaded portion before using it. I didn't and now have an empty cavity where the op rod used to be. When you cut it, leave a little extra and grind a little at a time until everything locks up correctly. Also, don't cut the carrier. You shouldn't need to and replacing it is expensive. Here's my process. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/76696-my-first-gun-project/
  7. Yes, if anything needs to be modified, mod the part that is easily replaced or fixed (not the carrier). I think you know this but just confirming. I guess you could cut the puck down but it is that size for a reason so I would be slow to mess with that. The OP rod is the best part to adjust to get everything fitting properly. Oh and if you haven't already drilled the 2 taper pin holes in the side of the gas block make sure you drill one and install the pin before doing the second one. I drilled both before installing a pin and the bit walked a little on the second one causing the spa
  8. It's the over 30 rd mags that are the problem so as long as you stay with 30 or less you should be fine. I'm new here but that is my understanding.
  9. I know, but NY is the state of things that should not be. Speaking of, I still have the mag release shroud from CA, need to destroy that evil device in some creative way....need some explosives:-)
  10. I sent some parts to a guy in NY so he could un-convert his Saiga, so there might be a niche market for them in places like that. You could use prices on similar parts as a start and work from there.
  11. This is crazy but a good crazy! I like where this is going, if you ever work this out you have to add a good NV camera. This requires video proof.
  12. SWFA SS scopes are my favorite on almost any budget. http://swfa.com/SWFA-SS-MRAD-Scopes-C4225.aspx
  13. Pics or ban. The absolute last thing I would do is post up pictures of my family or loved ones for guys to perv over. Hell, I will. Proudly presenting my granddaughter Amy.... She is probably still more capable of an intelligent conversation than the women in these competitions
  14. Here's a resource that was recommended by a gun-friendly lawyer (Good rep on the TGO forum). http://www.armedcitizensnetwork.org/ I'll probably be joining this one myself.
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