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POSP caliber?

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How can you tell what caliber a POSP is for? Bought one off a friend but I'm have no idea what caliber the range finder will work for.

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By the reticule. They mostly come with either the 1000m Dragunov rangefinder for 7.62x54r or the 400m 'Simonov' rangefinder for 7.62x39.


1000m Dragunov



400m 'Simonov'







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The reticules on both of my rifles are different. Closer to dragunov but with no fractures in the curves and the first one is 1.5 meters and a secondary curve for .5 .meters. On Kalinka you can get a bunch of reticules in different calibers, including 5.45x39. The only thing in English on any of my scopes is the magnification and made in belarus =(

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Like this?




That's also a 1000m reticule for 7.62x54r. The commercial scopes often use the 1.5 meter rangefinder while the military ones are usualy 1.7 meter. PSOP only come in one or the other... there are no 5.45/5.56/308 reticules. Kalinka's description for every scope basically claims it can be used for any caliber and is utterly confusing... but basically they mean if you know your MOA drop at range for whatever caliber, you can associate it to a certain range that matches the chevrons.


Also, those chevrons on the 1km 54r reticule aren't for bullet drops every 100 meters. They're meant to be used past 1000 meters for when your turret on top runs out of adjustment for range, which is where you're supposed to make your adjustment after using the rangefinder. The 400m Simonov reticule chevrons are for bullet drop, however.


The only optic I'm aware of that Kalinka offers for 5.45mm is the Obzor 1P63.

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Wow thanks, that's fantastic information. Don't think I could use these scopes past 1000 meters anyway so it's a bit irrelevant in that case. I was under the impression that 2 meant 200 hundred meters.


I'm still a bit confused because I don't think at 1000+ meters anything 1.5 meters tall would match up with the curve, it would simply be too small. Kinda weird. I really need to get better with scopes.. Very much new to shooting over 140 yards.

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All POSP scopes are analogous to Russian military rifle scopes PSO-1M2 and PSO-1M2-1 http://www.zenit-belomo.by/index.php/en/production/sights/30-tacticalsight/27-sights-sniper-optical.html (index of 1 indicates that the bracket type Ak/VSS ).




POSP ballistic mesh is designed for 2-type cartridges 7,62*53 & 9*39 with barrel length corresponding SVD (not SVD-C) and the VSS.

About marking a POSP scopes with rifle Simonov (SKS) or any other types & caliber I hear for the first time ...


some sights PSO 1-1 (VSS) ballistic mesh looks like this -



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