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Which adapter do I need?

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I bought the enidine shot shock and I'm confused on which adapter I need




AK/Saiga folding stock hinge with threaded AR-15 stock interface




AK/Saiga folding stock hinge for "modular" stocks


Only reason It confused me because somebody here awhile back told me I needed the second one.

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The first one you listed requires the purchase of a castle nut and buffer tube to attach the stock (Just like an AR) I prefer this method, personally. If you want to try it, you could use the tube to hold lead weights covered in epoxy. The added mass increases inertia which is conserved - "Object at rest stays at rest..." Increases weight, but decreases recoil. I am also trying to find a way to have a finger removable castle nut to enable storage of a few extra emergency shells or chokes in the tube. Not sure as to the legality of it, but two tube holes can be slotted together into a single trough and a spring added between stock and tube. This way, the spring will absorb recoil. The Enidine takes care of this though.


The second option you listed has those two parts built in permanently. I don't like this, because it limits your stock options a bit if you decide to change.


Let us know what you get. Post pics if you can!

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