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  1. Also, do NOT use carburetor cleaner. It will ruin the finish and cause it to fade. Brake cleaner seems to be fine, though.
  2. Rated muzzle velocity is needed to no dram equivalent. How many fps? The drum is a mag too. I assume you mean factory 5 round mag? Read about friction reduction. You have lumped many questions into a single thread. Try making multiple, focused threads, but before you do, use google to search the forum. You need to read. Everything you need is already addressed MANY times on this forum. Enjoy the process of gradually learning about this stuff. Slow down and learn, or likely be stuck with a bucket of parts and mags no one wants. WELCOME!
  3. Nephilim7

    Saiga FTF.

    Stay stupid, my friends!
  4. Nephilim7

    Saiga FTF.

    Well, that's embarrassing... Of course, that relief is where the bolt feed foot rests on breach lockup. Perfectly normal. My previous posts demonstrate definitively both that I should not post while exhausted and that I am definitely not shooting enough lately! I wonder if my wife will accept this as a reason to buy more ammo? Thanks CSSpecs! ***OP, what are we looking at???
  5. Nephilim7

    Saiga FTF.

    I didn't get to zoom in (was on my phone), but it looks to me as though the rim of the chamber is chipped. Looks like a whole rectangular section is missing right at the bottom of the mouth of the chamber. I'm at work right now, so the Baracuda filter won't let the pictures load.
  6. Nephilim7

    Saiga FTF.

    Wow. Have you had gravel in your gun? Running it without the dust cover or a left side charging handle? I would imagine it could be TIGed up and dressed down since the chamber doesn't appear to be affected much. Not sure though. I pursue that and would only allow a very competent smith to work on it. Cobra762 might be a good choice of he will take on the challenge. PM him. There are barrels to be had, but I would rather repair this one of it were mine. Be sure to let us know how it goes! I would also add: Have your locking lugs or timing channel been touched for work or polishing in
  7. Stake it... Stake it... Stake the pin on both ends.
  8. What's your secret? I have been trying to get in touch with them for a year now. They have never sent me the smoke back cover they said they would.
  9. EVL has so nice vids and is opening his own smith shop soon. Subscribe to his channel! m.youtube.com/watch?v=TS280zrKtdg Or just search "evlblkwpnz cnc"
  10. That would be Steve Grima of the UK. He has several homebrew items that are enviable. I respect the man and his outlook on sharing ideas. His videos betray many secrets, if you watch closely and think creatively about the parts. If you are blessed to be talented the way he is, the prospect of making those things is not difficult but a fun puzzle. I came close to trying to develop both of those myself (LRBHO and magwell drum), but I have been beaten to the punch by well established people in the industry. As I understand it, there are very talented individuals working on a drop-in last
  11. Put both hammers on a screw driver shank. Then put the "ear" flats (where the trigger hooks retain the hammer) even with each other side by side. The aftermarket hammer will probably have a section of its face that stands taller that the factory piece.
  12. You saw it in action?!? I thought that thing was a Photo Shop gag... Cool, but not practical for anything but range fun. Go for it OP!!!
  13. NE - CRO. LOL Cool topic though! I hope to see some constructive responses. If not, PM Cobra (from above posts). I bet he can help you figure it out. If he does, post the relevant info back here for others (me).
  14. S12 carriers are very different from other calibers. Best way to replace one is to buy one from a parted out gun or get an American made replacement from these guys: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/79392-bolt-carriers-now-on-sale/
  15. It doesn't matter what generation it is. The CSS puc is a great product. What matters is the fit in your gun. As long as the puc rattles around in a clean gun with a closed bolt, you are fine. The CSS puc is engineered to make more efficient use of the available gas. It is a slightly tighter fit, diameter wise, so it allows less blow-by. This makes more efficient use of the gas available and causes the gun to run more cleanly. It also has an extra "cleaning channel" and is longer than the factory puc. The length takes up "slack" in the power stroke with the carrier. The increased puc size d
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