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  1. Each. I dont know it would be worth it to flip them. By the time tax is paid im looking at over $800 each.
  2. Finally added a fal handgaurd. Stole the idea from mr.scratch.
  3. Moly resin comes in stainless steel color.
  4. I have had no luck making bolt cutters work. I broke them. I tried making my own from the h.f. bolt cutters. I really didn't want to spend $$ on akbuilder jaws. I bought a ball head bit from eBay for $5.00. Drilled holes for the rivets to set in and used a bucking bar made from a grade 8 bolt. Some of the heads are not real pretty but it's solid. I've had shit luck with taps breaking off - and I started working on this front end to make it a screw build. There's a broken off tap in one of the holes, that I've spent a good hour and a half smacking with a punch to break apart - still ha
  5. Do a screw build or buy a press and the correct bit. Give youa $100 for that piece of crap kit
  6. Shouldn't that be a shepherds crook?
  7. My vote goes to the 10 or 12 and something along 22+. I hate having to reload so one mag that solves all my reloading problems would be fantastic.
  8. Looks like he used 3/32 filler rod. Little overkill for this project but, its fixed!
  9. Man how hot was he running that??
  10. Does it help with recoil? I was contemplating one for my amd build.
  11. Looks great! I just ordered a a receiver for my AMD65 build today. Had to order it from childers because I went with a double hook trigger. Think I'm going for the same brake on mine.
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