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  1. Each. I dont know it would be worth it to flip them. By the time tax is paid im looking at over $800 each.
  2. Finally added a fal handgaurd. Stole the idea from mr.scratch.
  3. Moly resin comes in stainless steel color.
  4. I have had no luck making bolt cutters work. I broke them. I tried making my own from the h.f. bolt cutters. I really didn't want to spend $$ on akbuilder jaws. I bought a ball head bit from eBay for $5.00. Drilled holes for the rivets to set in and used a bucking bar made from a grade 8 bolt. Some of the heads are not real pretty but it's solid. I've had shit luck with taps breaking off - and I started working on this front end to make it a screw build. There's a broken off tap in one of the holes, that I've spent a good hour and a half smacking with a punch to break apart - still have chunks in the hole. The kit isn't for sale It's destined to be another rifle. I "don't give a shit about it" in the same sense that I don't give a shit about a WASR-10 - I'll run it over or chuck it out of a plane to see what happens, but it's not for sale.
  5. Do a screw build or buy a press and the correct bit. Give youa $100 for that piece of crap kit
  6. Shouldn't that be a shepherds crook?
  7. My vote goes to the 10 or 12 and something along 22+. I hate having to reload so one mag that solves all my reloading problems would be fantastic.
  8. Looks like he used 3/32 filler rod. Little overkill for this project but, its fixed!
  9. Man how hot was he running that??
  10. Does it help with recoil? I was contemplating one for my amd build.
  11. Looks great! I just ordered a a receiver for my AMD65 build today. Had to order it from childers because I went with a double hook trigger. Think I'm going for the same brake on mine.
  12. scored 3 boxes of .22 lr today at wally world!

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      Remember when that didn't seem like so much of an accomplishment?



      Yep 550 bulk packs! Its crazy that its like looking for a needle in a hay stacl

  13. I have an ace folder I put on upside down so it folds left. Doesnt hit the optic mount at all. Kind of like the button on thw bottom.
  14. Hit it with a round file or use some slugs.
  15. Looks good! nice gas coverage! Certified stainless here.........still working for a window company. Check out toxicfab.com. This guy has some sweet new titanium cups coming out.
  16. Bought a WW2 vet breakfast this a.m. Sure was a good feeling.

    1. lbsrdi


      You are a good man, these guys deserve to be thanked for the freedom we enjoy.

  17. Bought this for the wife she decided she liked her ruger better. Has exactly 40 rounds through it. Looking to get $400 plus shipping.
  18. Looking for ak pg light color wood. Lmk what you have.
  19. Yes just listen to these guys about converting it. Its not hard to do. The balance feels so much better. I went through the "im not converting phase" that lasted about 6 weeks and then I pulled it apart and was stuck with an unconverted tapco stock for the longest time.
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