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  1. Slightly off topic, but the thread took a few turns and evl and mike are involved-do you think it's a fair statement that it's better to regulate how much gas is flowing through the port vs bleeding pressure off after the fact (taken from a discussion over on the AK files PSL, but should be a cross over to the shotgun platform). And second, since you guys brought up AK pistol calibers, is there any advantage or innovation that a AK blow back has over an AR blow back or any other blow back design? Just a little curious as to what the take on this forum is.
  2. WTB a original (1st design) Chaos Saiga 12 Tri Rail. Contact Mark killerbombo@aim.com
  3. I'm just going to throw this out there, because the term "this forum always" and the other thread about old members checking in. It's the general discussion forum here, and pretty much any forum that seems to be a the place to bicker. The shotgun and rifle sections were always, and continue to be a place to help other members work through issues. Since the imports are gone and several companies have stepped up with aftermarket support there's really not as much gun related stuff to talk about, so people generally show up in, well, the General section to fuck off and play. When forum traff
  4. Thanks for the "Dirty Money" Nexflix reference. I watched the VW segment and the two following it. It's a very well thought out and educational show...made me want to punch a few people through the TV on the Payday loan episode. Not a bunch of VW's in the fleet, but my German buddy in the bay on the other side owned a Jetta TDI wagon when all the diesel gate stuff hit. I never knew the half of it. Man, he took me on some rides in that thing like we were on the Autobahn. Being originally East German he now owns a Mercedes C300 that VW helped fund. He loves to beat on U.S. cars so I love to push
  5. So let me get this right. You bought not one, but two rifles that seems to be your norm, you have nearly 2000 post on THIS forum, and YOU don't know what YOUR OWN rifles are worth....who's the real dumb fuck. Why not just refer to the membership as deplorables jackass.
  6. Hard to believe at some point they won't be back. Takita made shit airbags (safety recall) for millions of vehicles and hardly a whisper, VW plays with emissions just a bit and got hammered. Completely unrelated but damn funny, the guy in the bay next to mine called me over to look at a scan tool reading on 2017 VW Turbo Gasoline Bug about a month ago. It set a emissions leak detected P0455 code at 145 mph. First, 145 mph in a bug is just crazy, and second, I can't believe it ran the test at that speed but it logged it in freeze frame.
  7. For the most part, events on the forum in the past should stay in the past, we've all moved on to better things. Time's were definitely different, we live in a much more friendly gun environment despite liberal attempts to take advantage of every crisis. Remember that in November.
  8. I can't comment on the older models, but today if you want mileage and horsepower VW turbo diesel's are hard to beat. I really don't know why anyone would give electric cars a second look with these around. Turbo's just give everything a little more excitement. Pretty fun to put your foot in it isn't it!
  9. Cameron can explain things better than I can remember, but I think initially he was looked at as some type of AA mole account. He had to fight a pretty harsh crowd at first to prove himself, but in the end his integrity and skill as a machinist proved itself. Hell, besides the daily battle with AA, Mike Davidson was initially beat on because of the fear that a 20 round drum was going to put the Saiga 12 in DD territory.
  10. Nobody's dirt napped me yet, mostly lurk these days to see what guys are turning out. If you ever want to have some fun, start searching ancient posts. After the sunset of the AWB I found the platform and this place. I was drawn in by conversions that Shannon and Dinzag had done. Bvamp was probably the only mod at the time and was fond of killing snow men, not cleaning his shotgun, and trading punches with a jackass named McUzi. Good times! Maybe one day The U.S. and Russia will kiss and make up and allow trade to resume, although supply has always been sketchy through the year. And drama,
  11. I haven't been on the forum for a bit, so I'm late to the party, But give the XS Big Dot HK sight set a close look since you already have the Tromix mounted HK sights. The rear is a much improved peep style that mounts to the HK base and the front is..well Big Dot tritium. Fast, compact, light, and no batteries. https://www.xssights.com/Products.aspx?CAT=8511
  12. The Mossad has been doing it for years. Eliminate the problem and their whole family tree. It's like using Round Up on weeds.
  13. ^^^ That's how Chicago comes off looking better than smaller cities. Below is a great break down that I always enjoy... https://heyjackass.com/
  14. Belated Happy Birthday Makc..thanks for building us this playground. Cheers
  15. Before the ban expired, at $200 you couldn't give a Saiga away and for years the only product support came in the form of Dinzag ,Tony, and anything you could fab up in your garage at home. Russian Krink kits would have been a good investment. I built a Yugo M92 at a fairly steep price only to have Serbia release it's clones at a bargain basement price a few years later.
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