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Hey Guys, Looking around the web the other night I came across a custom build I think was on an S12. It was a triangle folder with what looked like a mag. catch assembly on the stock and a hook welded to the receiver to secure the stock. The gun was finished in a sand color. I've gone over all the sites I haunt: akforum, akfiles, ar15, m14forum and this one and can't find it. Has anyone else seen it and maybe post a link? Thanks

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do you mean the AK-100 factory folder latch system???? Look at 2:45 is this what you are talking about?





No, I'm familiar with this setup. The hook on the receiver is fixed and the mag catch assembly on the stock locks and unlocks the stock. First time I've seen this custom variation on a folder.

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I have one from k-var.com I like it very much, only feel the metal slam my shoulder once in a while when shooting hi brass, which I dont very often, I shoot slugs mostly and reload my own with just enough powder to cycle the action, so I dont feel anything in the shoulder


I modified mine to suit me better, I drilled out the spot welds cut off 1 inch in length and re-welded the butt plate back in place to shorten the length of pull to "Warsaw compact length" that fit me better I cut the original catch bar off and welded a larger catch bar in place to allow it to fold even with the 12 rnd drum! ........the k-var folder has a better latch system than the one shown in the video above

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