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12" almost, but not quite on ejecting Winchester universal 7 1/2&#

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Gun started out as a eat everything 24" 2004? model, 2 3/4 chamber, no choke tubes, I hated it Finally chopped it off to 12"  4 days ago and followed all the info on this site I could find. Had 3 holes, opened them up to 3/32 with a little trough pointing towards receiver and added a 4th. Tried a couple different gas plugs made no difference as it should not. Put original back in and clicked her to #2 after 1 failed. I have ground and polished everything I see that might be binding, dragging etc. I even welded up gas port on LS of block letting no gas escape


After all that, the spent shell will sometimes get as close as pointing out of receiver and another shell half way loaded but mostly just sitting there in all its glory hung on last 1/4" of the end of spent shell almost out of the barrel and the bolt hung up somewhere around the end of the cocked hammer. I am holding gun tight to my shoulder





needs more gas cause even if it goes that extra 1/2" or so the casing will fall at my feet


of course HB slugs and buckshot work no problem and I'll shoot it all day long except it is .50-1.00 a shot.


internal choke would probably cure all my woes but I would have to internally thread barrel


Will new springs make that much of a difference or is bigger gas holes the answer? I thought I may take 1/4 of the gas puck off increasing the gas chamber as the puck sits nearbout over one of the gas port holes but I dont see where anyone has done that so maybe not. observations?





Commi state of MD


BTW Got my 1st confirmed kill yesterday at 39 yds. A crow flying about 40 yards high. Just pointed in the general direction and fired. I was truly amazed

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ok thanks. I am going to take some more off the hammer.  Seems that's where the bolt and carrier like to sit. I have learned something else when doing these conversions. You have everything you need in your hands. You don't need to go out and buy a miracle cure cause it ain't there. I put everything back together after writing the above post and sprayed the internal of everything with lithium grease. Took it outside and and be damned if the first shot ejected 5 feet forward and 30 degrees off the starboard bow. Shot 2nd to the 8th shot and every shell was pointing to go out, not enuf umph. So after some more sanding and polishing tomorrow she will probably work. I aparrently got enuf gas.

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