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I'm on the build list for the S17.  My current CLEO is going to sign, however he's probably not running for re-election in March so he won't be the CLEO when I do the Form 4.  Tony suggested I use a Form 1.  Has anyone done this?  I did a quick search of the Form 1 process and it says the firearm needs to be engraved by the manufacturer.  The thing is, I want the Tromix engraving.


If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.




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You can get approval now with your information on the Form 1 as the "Manufaturer". But if that is what you do, then yes, you must engrave your info into the gun. The benefit is that you are going to speed the process up considerably. By doing a F1 you will have one 12-15 month wait. If Tromix does it, you will have a short wait for Tony to get approval, then another short for Tony and you C3 FFL to do a transfer, then a long wait for you and your dealer on a F4.


If it were me, I'd Form 1 it with my info. But then again, I have a pile of F1's so engraving my info into a gun is no big deal to me. I don't plan on selling them. When I die an early death from shitty genes and hard living, my nephews are going to be fucking stoked.

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