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This package includes all parts needed in order to move the trigger assembly forward on a Saiga 7.62x39 rifle and install a black TimberSmith Premium Wooden Stock system.
1.  Trigger Guard 
   a. RAM STG2 Rifle Do It Yourself Saiga Trigger Guard 
   b. RAM Trigger Guard with Grip Screw & Bushing 
   c. Grip Screw & Bushing ONLY (No trigger guard included. Use this option if you want to reuse factory trigger guard)
   d. No Trigger Guard or Grip Screw & Bushing Included (You will need these to complete the conversion)
2. Trigger pin holes can be filled with (Screw Build Kit or left exposed)
3. Fire Control Group
   a. Tromix Fire Control Group 
   b. Modified TAPCO Fire Control Group with Tromix Shepherds Crook 
   c. Unmodified TAPCO Single Hook Trigger with Tromix Shepherds Crook. Hammer will have to be modified before it is installed
   d. TAPCO Trigger, Disconnector, & Shepherds Crook (you must reuse your own hammer and spring with this kit)
4. Retaining Plate - (Option 3a and 3c include a shepherds crook, which works, but not as easy to install)
4. Lower Handguard Retaining Bracket ( Barrel will need to be permanently notched to fit lower handguard retaining bracket)
  a. Surplus 
  b. New Manufacture 
5. Romanian Gas Tube 
6. TimberSmith™ Romanian AK-47 Stock Set - Black Laminate Wood ( Part # TIM06000 





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