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Chaos Quad RAil For Saiga 7.62 x 39

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HAs anyone dumped mags while using this quad rail? If so, did it get crazy hot?
I bought a cheap ebay quad rail ($30) that looks good and feels solid, but when I mag dump just one mag, it gets too hot to touch. Even starts softening rail ladders. Reason I bought the damn cheap rail was because I didn't want to spend allot on a rail to just add a Magpul AFG2. Live and learn.

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I own the full titan for the x39 platform, and after dumping over 400 rounds with the help of a bumpski, I can tell you it does warm up. It does not get skin melting hot like the barrel though. I have a vertical grip attached to mine, so It doesn't matter to me how hot it gets. I can tell you after that range trip, the rail system ran like a champ and my PA red dot held zero in "fully automatic".

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