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    Shannon, at cobra has had some very difficult family issues recently... I'm confident things will be back to normal in short order.
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    Inmate says in letter that he killed 2 molesters in prison
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    Lets see your 12's! Mild to Wild! Lets try and get a post in some of the caliber forums showing your gun and a list of the mods you have done. I know alot of the new members like to see what can be done to modify there Saigas. Lets try and have no replys, if you need to ask a question or ooo-ahh, email or PM the poster. Maybe these can be stickyed or put in the New Member/Tech section if it pans out over time. I have the pic posts started here,7.62x39 & .223 forums and will start one in the 308 forum when I get one of my 20rd mags . Bear with me, I'm on medical leave and I'm board to tears! Pointer this is a good idea for a dedicated picture thread but there are so many beautiful weapons being posted with so many different mods and options there are sure to be well deserved compliments and good questions that deserve answers. I think we should also start a sister thread just for that purpose. People can copy and paste the posted gun or at least the post number for reference and put all comments and questions there. They can be stickied together... hmm that sounds funnt...lol. If anyone has questions about how to post a pic, send me a PM and I will try and set you straight. we need to sticky that too really... COBRA I agree.The reason for this thread is pure gun porn and a refurance to a posted guns mods.With no replys in this thread it stays real clean without ending up in twenty different derections.A sister thread would be great for the questions. Ace Folding stock,internal block G2 trigger group Fal type grip Halo forearm UTG vertical grip OKO Red dot site Surefire 9P Flashlight with shockproof bezil & pressure switch Vitor quick release light mount Blackhawk CQD sling CQD front sling mount Jerics LRBHO & Extended mag release Ar Bayonet/Lug soldered to barrel..Overkill I know, but still pissed about the old AWB Barrel cut to 18 1/2" Polished bolt 8&10rd mags Broken bank account!
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    Thank you for the heads up. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. I don't use social media, so I didn't know how else to reach out. Thanks again.
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    I have not posted in awhile either. Hi y'all. I would keep the 20 inch, cut the barrel down to 18.5" and thread for an appropriate flash hider.
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    That fugly bolt looks really familiar. And that grind job wasn’t my doing promise. Still worked . Goes to show how tough a Saiga is. and Mr. Hitch (Evlutionz) top notch fella. 👍🏻
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    Get some rounds down range.. Either you will find a use for it or you won't.. Mine gets used for grouse hunting in swamps from time to time.. And it went out for a couple hog hunts on an air boat.. Otherwise it is a range toy.. I normally use 5 round magazines with mine.. Five rounds is more than you can realistically use hunting, because all game animals are long gone by then. At the range I'll use the 10s or 20 round drum.. For home defense, I can't see anyone sticking around for 6-10 rounds of buckshot.. They are either dead or running away by round five... But my home defense is a pistol, with an AR-15 as the carbine, and a Ruger PC9 as the back ups back up.. But it is up to you.
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    Wife will probably divorce me, but I picked up a new in box 2018 WASR-10 and a Kel Tec Sub 2000 multi mag at the pawn shop. She hasn't seen either yet.
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    Picked up a 9mm PSA AKV a little over a week ago. Still haven't shot it due to extremely hot weather or pouring rain.
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