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    This can be true for some but going to a good school can give novice a better perspective and teach them that the only thing that ruins a gun is a Dremel. I have fixed guns since I was 12 years old but understanding how each gun works and what you can do with them has always involved study and the right tools and how to use them. I still remember threading my first barrel I was a wreck but after it was over, then you think to yourself " that was it ?" that was years ago. Only Botched 2 jobs in my life a AR trigger because I was in a hurry and a cold blue job (never again) on a shot gun because I wanted to try it. I do it as a hobby but have though about opening a shop but my Other job I just retired from took all my time and life. I do It for friends and have made a lot of Kel Tec pistols work perfect not to mention High points, cheap 1911s, cheap micro 1911s, botched ak builds . Just finished a Beretta 84 that a woman dropped off that she bought years ago and never fired it. Have a old Rem 721 30.06 that has been neglected next and then 2 shot guns and a 22 target pistol. The only way to do something that you have not done before is to start
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    Actively working to steal an election= participating in an attempted coup d'état...... This guy and his trollop need a dirt nap.
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    He looked like a spoiled child to me. In many ways, he still is. For all we know there could be a very intricate and well crafted plan in place. If you take a step back, ignore the failures of justice from '08-'16 and look at the bigger picture, you can see the potential there. They have sewn a treasure trove of evil seeds to be reaped. Vengeance belongs to God, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate His efforts when it happens Higher ways...