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  1. Yeah, I'm not worried about it. It does seem to have both side to side and up and down play. I'll be putting 40 rounds or so through it this weekend, so we'll see. I think I may have noticed what appears to be a hairline crack, but it could just be a casting mark. I really hope not, given the lack of availability for carriers. If it survives 40 rounds with no changes, I'll rest a little easier.
  2. Yeah, I just now drilled a second hole through the top of the carrier and pinned it that way. The other holes were just too big, unfortunately. I hope this doesn't weaken the carrier - it doesn't seem like a high stress area. Thanks for your reply, though.
  3. I searched for a topic covering this, and they all seem to be outdated, or linked to sold out bolt carriers. Anyway, here is my problem : I was tired one night, and instead of waiting to have access to a drill press at work, I decided to drill out the bolt carrier divots by hand, to install the tapco gas piston. The trouble is, I drilled the holes a bit too large. I purchased a few 3mm ak pins, but I'm not sure they will hold in the larger holes. So, the question is : Where in the hell can I buy another bolt carrier? as it turns out, with my FBMG mags and aftermarket stock, I don't need the g
  4. You paid $469.00? Im in Connecticut - and I paid about 347 at Hoffmans in Newington. Of course, that was after transfer fees, a quantity of ammo, and lube.
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