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  1. the price has changed I decided to drop the folding stock. only like $800 now.
  2. it is like the Arm in terminator 2 "where do you think it came from? "
  3. Yes please. If you get different results with a scope then you will know what the problem was, as it would be obvious it was not the gun. Form what you show here though you obviously shoot the saiga better, which says alot about which gun YOU can rely on. and that is what matters.
  4. maybe? but it only has about 4 mags through it. and it has a mirror shine. probably has more to do with me than the gun. i'm toying with the idea of scoping the guns and redoing the test. j either that or your sight is loose. That has happened to me before. the sight on the M1a become loose and goes out of 0 and starts going all over the place when you shoot it. An m1a should defiantly out shoot a saiga. It could also be that you don't like peep sights as much as the AK style sights? I couldn't hit the side of a barn until i got one of these. once I got these I just line
  5. my m1a gets much better groups then that at 100 yards and i use ironsights. I think your barrel is shot?
  6. same price huh? They look better IMHO. thanks. i will order some up when i get my saiga.
  7. hmm epoxy coat it eh? any pictures? form the gunsmith that would be like $350 worth of finishing job @_@
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