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  1. Wondering if a PSL kit could be used on a Saiga .308 receiver and front trunnion. This idea crossed my mind earlier whilst surfing tej intarnats.
  2. hey everyone keeping my eye out for a Kobra red dot thingy - need the flat top mounting version not sure if i want the QD or the screw mount one - at this point it probably wouldnt matter let me know!!!
  3. hello again need to move some more stuff out so here it goes: last but not least is 7.62x39 Bullet guide --- $12 $10 shipped bought this to use in Saiga but ended up selling it off - i still have the rivet somewhere but you can just use a tap and screw it in thanks for looking once again sorry no gheypal postal m.o. only reply here and PM or mtg7277@aol.com
  4. Need to make some space so here they are for the 74 or saiga 223 conversion people 8 AK74 magazines and one 4 mag pouch: $40 shipped SPF to dinzag 4 Glock 9mm mags - 2 - 17rnds and 2 - 10rnds: $40 shipped Sorry no paypal (work of ebaydevil) USPS M.O. only please thanks for looking mtg7277@aol.com
  5. ill attest to the accuracy of the 26 almost as accurate as my 17 id say my groups at 30meters are maybe an inch or two wider
  6. sorry for the dumb question - but are these made in US? looks very cool
  7. Cleaning out the stuff i dont need - so here it is: All prices are shipped --- sorry no paypal M.O. or cash only discount on multiple items 1. --- Romy wood stock set - Stock/ PG/ upper/lower HG's --- $35 ***SPF to RomanianAK -barfcom*** 2. --- Romy F/A FCG *** all NFA rules apply*** $25 ***SPF to RomanianAK*** 3. --- Romy F/A FCG *** all NFA rules apply*** --- $25 4. --- AR15 CAR buttpad ------------------------------------ --- $7 5. --- AMD65 Muzzle break 14/1 LH good con
  8. 2 barely used 31round magazines for your Glock 17/19/26/34 and 1 extra +2 extension - not pictured $50 usd Shipped --- sorry no paypal - USPS M.O. only ***SPF --- to seekertol @ glocktalk***
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