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  1. StarLynx

    Russian monkeys with hammers

    Dont bet on it. MR NEMESID.....I would be willing to bet that we see some of those...in the very near future......... ....
  2. StarLynx

    Anyone have any 2 round mags?

    YUp..Your right...It's like seeing HillthePill, gun/RightsGrabbing bitch on the Senate floor with her Entourage of SS Agents...
  3. StarLynx

    Anyone have any 2 round mags?

    GEEEZUZ!!!...."That's what the police are for!"...... ya should'a shot em in his kneecap & then ask'd em"Where's the police,now?!!!"..... he votes for Whats right for his family???......I hope he never has to watch some thug rape his wife & kids ..while he's wait'n on the police to show up..... Politicians just don't get it... ...If the War is ever brought to the USA...Hopefully politicians like that will be taken out of the gene pool....
  4. StarLynx

    Anyone have any 2 round mags?

    The 2 shot mags he makes ARE small in size..& look exactly like a "2/3 rd mag.....I probably did not make myself clear as to the description of what he does...please forgive me..cuz I'm a Texan & my english is a bit ..well..ya know..."TEXAN"...... & yes...I understand what'cha mean by how those club Officials can act like they have a long stick stuck up their ass/arse.... &..Dinz mags are very rekiable..
  5. StarLynx

    Anyone have any 2 round mags?

    I've seen Dins work & I swear they look like factory produced mags when he finish's with em...
  6. StarLynx

    Anyone have any 2 round mags?

    ...Aw...it's lotz more fun leave'n em handcuff'd to their own vehicle...& they eventually get over it...Why I even saw one at the courthouse the other day..& he even waved at me....It was with one finger...but still...it WAS a wave.....
  7. StarLynx

    Pictures of my Sagia 12C and AK-101...

    ..Out of curiosity..I wonder who stamps the "For LE Only"...on the Cs @ that time??.....I've gone all over the import laws even for that time...& it's not required to do so...Maybe some liability issue...I suppose...
  8. No import marks? Pardon if this is a dumb question. Is there any kind of law against having foreign guns with no import marks? Perfectly legal, just means it was either in thye USA before requirement, or not commercially imported.
  9. StarLynx

    Here we go again

    Hmmm..well...all I got to say is ..Whoever buys it..better check with his FFL dealer that he will be able to release it to ya...because..I sold one toa guy in LA State..that WAS absolutely 922 compliant...but still wouldn't release it to the buyer till I sent all the Documentation naming all the 922 parts..even with all that..his local Sheriff told em it was illegal as hell & was considered a "MACHINEGUN'..the Hi Sheriffs own words......I had to send a ATF agent to his office to school him on GUN Laws concerning the Saiga......You'd have thought I sent a tactical nuke......& I went thru a world a shit gett'n it released.....Even with all the laws explained to the parish Knopwitall..he still considered it illegal...Until I sent him a letter from a legal Eagle stating he was about to be billed for all the shipping & re-shipping..... Another thingis..I don't think thats a good deal on it anyways.....Unless there's a lot more done to it than what shows in the pic.. The only way I'd buy one like that is face to face in the same state..& in a FREE State that doesn't consider guns that can shoot 30 gungrabb'n politicians a second as evil.....
  10. StarLynx

    Anyone have any 2 round mags?

    Damn!..Which state requires only a 2 rd cap for hunting wild hogs??..Here in Texas....If your hunt'n from foot...You may need more'n two+ rds to keep the bad ass z Razor backs from make YOU there lunch,,,Do they let ya carry a sidearm??.. The Big ass'd wild hogs I've hunted ...will make ya wish your gun was made out'a licorice or some other delectiable candy...cuz they may make ya eat it...
  11. StarLynx

    Here we go again

    I notice that the pic'd weapon has the addon PG/Stock....Does he mention anywhere that it's 922 compliant?? If it's not..that could cause a world a shit for the buyer If some nosey Field agent happen to get on his case & Etc..Etc... Stay Safer!
  12. StarLynx

    I'm sure this can't be done (but I can't see why not!)

    .....I would imagine the Russians Idea of an employees payscale & what it is over here Is most probably as different as night & day...
  13. StarLynx

    What Happened to the 10-Round Magazines?

    I was pissed that the Gun Band didn't release an album before they broke up... I think most of the members now have solo careers in CA, IL and NY. Yup...Don't forget DC...& a few other places where armed robberies are way up.....The areas where only the armed assailants have guns..& law abiding citizens don't... ...I was in the Booking area the other day when they brouht in a 19yo that got shot in the butt by a Homeowner while the fool was ripping open his convertible New Mustangs rag top..attempting to steal it out of the Owners driveway at 1am in the morning......A yankee Doctor that was attending to the perps wounds stated..."I can't believe that some guy shot a kid for doing such a tivial thing".....I just laughed..& said..."No..A homeowner thats had his home & vehicles vandalised & property stolen on more than 3 reports finally got tired of it & shot a thief in the ass...& the only problem I see with the whole matter is that the Homeowner needs to learn to aim a bit higher....& practice on taking out more than one target at a time(The thief had a buddy that got away).......The Yankee Doc snorted back that he hopes I never get shot on his shift.....I came back with..."I 'll be sure to remember that If I ever see ya get'n robbed @ gunpoint on mine"........He didn't have a comeback on that one...
  14. Thanks pointer...I guess I'm gonn'a have to go the $20 a box of 25 deal...because anybody any cheaper is out...LOL!! Sure wish some body would reload some of this stuff...Does anybody on here still reload 12 ga??.. Plus I gott'a find me a good CR123 Lithium battery source... Thanks for all the info Stay Safer! Wade
  15. StarLynx

    Russian monkeys with hammers

    The Stolis probably is better'n drink'n the chernobyl water...