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  1. I've recently got a BFR in 45-70 to go with my Marlin 1895 (and to help spread out the high cost of ammo!). I really enjoy shooting the revolver, but the checkered rubber grips chew the hide off my shooting hand. So I'm looking for something smooth that will still help with control. The BFR uses the same grip frame as the Ruger Super Blackhawk. Does anybody who is familiar with these revolvers (in magnum calibers) have any advice or suggestions? Wood, rubber, other synthetics? Finger grooves or not? Slimline "gunfighter" style, or big & hand filling? Eagle, Badger, Hogue or others? I'd really appreciate any input since I don't have the opportunity to try them all out myself.
  2. Gummerfan

    slant muzzle breaks..

    Yep. (but I'm left-handed)
  3. Gummerfan

    "Krinkov" sbr question

    I'm looking at a couple of Arsenal rifles and a Vector Arms pistol on Gunbroker right now. The Arsenals are advertised as "sbr ready", but I've learned that they require gas port work. There's another rifle on there by "Rising Sun Tactical" that looks like it would be an easy conversion. That fake suppressor looks oversize enough that there probably wouldn't be any function issues. Bit pricey, though. $1200.00 and reserve not met.
  4. Gummerfan

    "Krinkov" sbr question

    I'm thinking of buying either a "Krink" rifle or pistol soon. I'll probably eventually do the paperwork and convert to an sbr in the future. Would it be easier to convert a rifle (cut & recrown, rethread bbl if needed, possibly work on gas ports) or a pistol? I'm wondering if it would be possible to drill and tap the backplate of a pistol and install an Ace folder mech & skeleton stock. Is there enough material there to do this? I know the pistols have all the buttstock attachment hardware removed or welded up so a stock can't be readily attached. IOW, which end would be easist to work from?
  5. Check out the Noveske "krink" style FH. It did wonders for my Carbon-15. Changed it from a handheld stun grenade into something almost practical. He could probably do one up for you with the proper HK thread. And as far as going "pistol-to-rifle-and back", there are some warnings to heed. The rifle barrel has to be no less than 16" (longer if necessary to acheive the 26" overall length) THEY can bust you if you have a stock and a pistol, but no rifle-length barrel, even if the stock isn't attached. It can also go the other way: AR rifle or rifle lower+pistol upper=SBR, even if the two aren't attached, unless you also have a "papered" pistol lower. If you add an extension, muzzle brake, or flash hider to acheive the minimum barrel length, it must be permanently attached (welded) to the barrel. (No screw-on, screw-off attachments) I'm sure there's more stuff, but I'm probably preaching to the choir anyways. Just want everybody to stay legal.
  6. Gummerfan

    Who else is a glock fan?

    Well, I thought I was a Glock fan til I read some of the other posts. I've only got three.
  7. I was thinking more of a longer version of this: Y'know, just for "kicks" (and 'kick" it would, I'm sure!)
  8. Yep, that's the ticket. Only it's not an AK. BobAsh is right about chopping down a long gun to "pistol" length, but I would keep the barrel length and overall length within the legal minimums without crossing the line into SBR or SBS territory. Right you are. Granted it wouldn't be very "practical", just something I'm thinking about just for the hell of it.
  9. Got one of those wild hair ideas. Is it legal to mount or modify a rifle to pistol-grip only (no buttstock) as long as: the bbl length and overall length are within federal guidelines? (not an SBR) and the rifle isn't modified in such a manner as to prevent re-installation of the factory buttstock? I know this is done with shotguns all the time, but is it okay to do the same to a rifle without it becoming an NFA weapon? I know the Thompson clones have removeable buttstocks, as well as some of the "MAC"-style carbines, also the semi-auto 1919A4'a and the Gatling-gun AKs and 10/22s, so what exactly is the law regarding pistol-gripping a rifle? This would be built on a US made rifle, so parts count compliance doesn't apply.
  10. Gummerfan

    Has everyone see this!!!!!!!!!&#33

    Sweet! Since I've got a G3 as well as a S308, the convertability would spread the cost over two different weapons. That would be a strong point with my wife, since she oversees the Defense Budget.
  11. Gummerfan

    Md Arms 410 drums and mags

    The big question: Will these work with Tony's .444 Marlin conversion??
  12. Gummerfan

    Who would be interested in FREE 10 rd. S12 mags?

    Dang! Wish I'd seen this yesterday. Maybe then I wouldn't have melted down all my guns, sold the metal for scrap, and donated the money to Hillary's campaign.
  13. Gummerfan

    "SHTF" = WTF

    SHTF=Hillary in '08
  14. Gummerfan

    .410 to .444 Marlin conversion

    Oh heck. As exciting as this project sounds, I decided that I really don't need another fiearm that uses expensive, hard-to-get mags. My S-308 and two S12s are bad enough. I still hope this is a success, but I just bought a Marlin 1895 .45-70 to take care of my big bore needs.
  15. Gummerfan

    No Information from FBMG

    US 20-rnd .308 mags and US 10-rnd .12 gauge mags... We've waited how many years for these? :D