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    Apart from shooting I have strong interests in the time the USAAF 8th AF was over here during WW11. My site has quite a big section on the 390th BG with many photographs
  1. On another forum I saw this link. http://stevespages.com/page7b.htm It has .pdf files of pretty much every gun (including Saiga 12 and AKs), and seem very good, including exploded drawings. I hadn't seen it posted before but apologies if already given.
  2. The criminal was a man called Donald Nielson who raided post offices at night in the 1970s.He shot & killed 3 postmasters during the robberies. He was most known for the kidnap of a 17 year old girl who he secured with a wire around her neck on a wet ledge in a drain. She slipped and was hanged before anyone found her. He used sawn off shotguns and a .22 pistol amongst others. A genuinely nasty piece of work who should have been hanged but at least he was jailed for the rest of his life. The presenter only stood in front of the guns for a short time and no mention was made other t
  3. We had a program on TV recently about a notorious criminal and the presenter talked in front of a gun display. I cannot for the life of me see what this is! The forend looks AK as does the gas tube but the magazine looks too wide and the receiver is different? With the depth of knowledge we have on this forum maybe someone more knowledgeable than me can identify the gun and put my mind at rest.
  4. We had quite a lot of those over here and I have shot several. Can't say I liked it much as it is a great heavy lump but it does look good. I remember there were some safety issues back then with the lever safety versions. This one looks like it has the button safety in the picture so should be OK.The original Guns & Ammo recall is attached FYI.
  5. and when you take the mag out.................
  6. Back to your original question, Jerics mag release worked well but it was so simple I can't see that anyone with a vice and a file couldn't make one that worked just as well even if it wasn't as well finished. It it basically just a z shaped piece of metal, about 1/8" thick and maybe 1/2" wide with two holes drilled. You drill corresponding holes in the existing mag release and tap them. Fit tiny socket screws to fix in place (I used epoxy as well). Works great. I bought his LRBHO at the same time and while accepting comments about modding the magazine it works fine for me. An absolute bastard
  7. I have a Russian PK-AV which, as the poster above say, isn't cheap but it is strong, it is accurate and is made for the Saiga. Plus it just looks so cool!!
  8. I don't want to throw petrol on the fire but kind forum members have sent me parts in the past without any problems to them or me (including a very nice MD drum, many thanks to the sender who will know who he is!). From what I had been told a BUSINESS needs an export permit,whereas an INDIVIDUAL can send without issue subject to your $100 limit and the item being legal. My drum came shown as a gift and the value from memory of only a few $$. As an important note, if anyone sends something to any EU country please make the decalred value less than $25 US as above that it becomes subject
  9. I have a PK-AV (not sure what the difference is as they look identical in pictures I've seen) and in truth I bought it as it just looked so cool. I have it on my S12 and it's "OK". The variable dot brightness is useful but I nearly always have it on full in normal daylight though someone using in poor light would welcome it. As for reliablity, mine had one of the small screws holding the front lens come loose and that caused the POA to move (lots!) which was a disappointment for something sold as very durable. I'm not sure that it would move from one rifle to another without re-zeroing each ti
  10. I don't normally make critical posts but in honesty I'm amazed to see this poll. Only a short tour through the archives would show that the whole AA set up has been totally derided and their drum declared worthless while Mike's drum has been flawless (and his customer service, at least as far as I'm cncerned, exemplary)
  11. Here's mine. Sorry about the mag in the way but I'm sure you can see how it attaches. I bought it from Warfield Armoury but I'm not sure he's still trading. To be truthful, while it works 100%, its very simple and I'm sure anyone with a file and a vice could make one just as good with a bit of effort. It is held on with very small set screws and drilling & tapping was a bit of an issue as the threads weren't common. Having said that if you make it yourself you can fix anyway you please?
  12. Many thanks, I'll drop you a PM shortly.
  13. Unlike you in The US, we here in the UK cannot get the Taiwanese magazines (as far as I know) and because of all the exporting rules you have we can't easily get them sent. However, my son has just started working in Taiwan and if some kind soul has the manufacturer's address maybe he could knock on the door? I've looked on the web without success but if anyone has bought one does it have an address on the packaging? Any help appreciated!
  14. That is SO NEAT. I thought I had the prettiest Saiga..........until now!!
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