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  1. Somehow, the MOLOT plant put two manuals into my VEPR 12 box. These manuals are serialized to match your individual shotgun. If you did not get your manual with the following serial number, I have it and will gladly mail it offt to you. The only thing I need will be a very clear picture of your serial number stamped on your shotgun. Serial Number: CA 9279 Hope to find the rightful owner!
  2. I am going to replace this thing with an extended version. Love the shotgun: but, that release is should have been better thought out.
  3. HOLY HELL that damned mag release lever is sharp! Stabbed my thumb real good. Totally unacceptable! Guess I have to get the file/grinder out and round that damn thing off.
  4. I've a VEPR-201 and it looks like I don't have a threaded barrel... I don't see any pin or weld and the end of the barrel does no look like there is a cover. The manufacture date on the box is 1-2012 Comments? Will post a picture soon
  5. I hate AR stocks on AK's....except that one.....beautious!! I like the in-line symetry to the receiver and beefy RPK style big rear of the stock.
  6. Been away from buying AK parts. Now, that I'm back into a 12 and 5.45 VEPR, it's nice to see CSS is still such a great vendor to deal with. Just bought some VEPR 12 mags and I'm sure to buy more once I get around to moding my 5.45. Appreciate the heads up!!
  7. What a tease! I would buy that tri-rail. Not sure how you mount it. But, it's about a slim line and perfect as I would ever want. Damn good job. Makes that rifle look beautious. I would go with more of a ACE style stock, though. The front kind of reminds me of an AMD-65 with the fully exposed gas tube.
  8. Shagged one last night. I also have the SGL-12/61 on order from K-Var. I am going to sell that one locally. I am seeing unconverted Saiga 12's being sold for almost what I paid for the SGL-12.
  9. I had a case head blowout. Blew the magazine floor plate out. That was fun and I had to send the rifle back for repair.
  10. I'm in southeast Michigan. The guy I bought it from was the original owner for a few months. I paid $310. I thought is was a good price.
  11. I love that woodland look. Great to see yet another 12 ga. choice.
  12. Been a LONG while since I was here. I am really happy with my latest buys of a Draco and converted Saiga 308. What do you all think. The only thing I would like to get is a flash kill. Does that $170 SMG muzzle break that bolts onto the sight block really work well or not. What about recoil reduction. It sure is pricey.
  13. I can't believe nobody jumped on those SGL'S. I'm getting a Draco next.
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