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  1. My oldest S12, owned over a decade at this point, is starting to have issues with the mag catch pin walking out with repeated mag changes. I’ve done a few mods off and on to this gun over the years, including using and then ditching an extended mag release lever as well as one which was thumb activated a la the IPSC Vepr 12s. Guessing the holes in the mag catch retention ‘wings’ have gotten egged out after repeated removal and insertion of the pin, causing the pin to fall out as I activate the factory mag catch to remove and insert mags. Ordered a new mag catch pin from CSS thin
  2. The gun will handle 3", or 76mm, length shells just fine. The issues arise with magazines. Use the proper mag for your corresponding shells. Unlike the 12 gauge, the 20 is very temperamental with regards to feed geometry with the long and short shells in an incorrect magazine. ETA: what is on the side of your mag, 20x70 or 20x76?
  3. All of the S20s can accept 3"/76mm shells. There's no such thing as a 2 3/4" / 70mm S20. The issue is that you have to run shell length specific mags for the S20, unlike the S12. 2 3/4" / 70mm mags for those shells and 3" / 76mm for those. The S20s are also more finicky with ammo, needing higher power shells to ensure cycling. Sounds like the shop stole your 13rd clear mag.....
  4. Both Tiger handguards and the 2 x 1" and 1 x 30mm rings are SPF Buyer welched on the bolt on optics rail so it's back up for sale.
  5. Just found another buttstock that isn't living on a rifle. Izhmash black polymer buttstock with Izhmash 5.45x39 cleaning kit. Includes screws for the stock: $35 shipped. SPF
  6. Cleaning out the parts bin of AK, AR, and SVD parts. All items are cross-posted and the first "I'll take it" wins the item. Please PM after claiming an item in order to arrange payment and shipping information. All prices include shipping and will ship from VA once payment via USPS MO or personal check are received. Please let me know if there are any questions or additional pictures needed. Thanks Eric 2 x SGM 30rd Saiga .223 magazines and 2 x 20rd mags. $20 shipped for each or all four for $70 shipped. SPF 2 x Tiger polymer handguard sets and 2 x Tiger buttst
  7. I zero my shotguns at 15' with birdshot since I shoot that 95% of the time in 3 gun matches. I then just figure out my slug holdovers since I shoot fewer of those. BL: zero with the ammo and distance you'll predominantly use and then figure out where to hold for your secondary round/distance.
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