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  1. The IMI Travor TAR-21 coming to USA. http://www.guns.com/imi-iwi-charles-daly-tavor-tar-21-bullpup-rifle-available-us-video.html Can't wait, this is one I will buy. HUZZAH!!!!
  2. Valve stem remover, oh and leave the stems by their driver door.
  3. I love my job. I'm single, no kids, living in Las Vegas. I work for a major Casino as a Shift Manager (Pit Boss), I stand around alot, watching everything, take a break when I want, set my own schedule, and get paid 300 a day, plus monthly take incentive, decent benifits, and payed vaction, with paid PTO (paid time off) hours. I meet alot of people everyday from around the world. Been doing this for 35 years now, and probably do it another 35. Viva Las Vegas baby!! HUZZAH!!
  4. Well I don't really play any, but checked craps, because it is the most fun of the gambling entertainments. Being a Casino Shift Boss, I get payed to watch people play silly games. So I know all the odds and games very well, basic stratagey black jack has the least house edge, but, is boring as hell to play. Roulette and craps have the better payouts, but roulette is also a "grind" game, if you ever been in a REAL casino, all the noise comes from the craps table, it is the most social of the games, but can be a bit intimidating to most noobie players, and finding a decent dealer that will walk
  5. Just to add to the thread, I spotted one in the movie "Drive Angry" with Nicolas Cage, the villin pulled it out and it looked like a 10 incher, it also had a doorstop for a drum. The best part of the scene was that it fired 1 round and then jammed, seemed awefully poetic and real, lol. HUZZAH!!
  6. Here's my two hounds, Loki and Bella, Shepard Lab mixes, 7 months old here, just over a year now.
  7. May you both have a very merry happy birthday, now go blow something up to celibrate. HUZZAH!!
  8. Seems like someone got drunk and started necro threading.... not the only post he/she/it has resurected. HUZZAH!!
  9. Ah thank gawd it didn't, bought a bunch of AWB stuff in last 8 years. HUZZAH!!
  10. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/68805-sons-of-guns-is-back/ post 49, should answer most questions. HUZZAH!!
  11. OMG, you have a 12ga. belt-fed jack? Where can i get one? Huzzah!!!
  12. This...pretty much sums it up for me and mine. Just thought i'd share.... Huzzah!!
  13. You do realize that they don't make them anymore for a very good reason? HUZZAH!!
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