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  1. I emailed RAA hoping they could help me locate a dealer stocking a 308. Their response was that they are expecting a new shipment in the next month or so. Unfortunately they sell to distributors who in turn sell to the dealers so they had no dealer list. The closest distributor to me is in Alabama, I have not been able to reach them.
  2. I have been on the look for a Saiga 308 for conversion, other than being difficult to find when I do find one they have jumped in price. I have located a new Saiga 308 Ver 21 (thumbhole wood stock). Very nice piece of lead chunker. I noted that the trigger has already been moved forward to accomodate the stock design. What I can't find out (and the dealer won't let me take it apart) is if the relocated FCG is a US product. I intent is to use high capacity mags. If the FCG is US made, and using the Surefire mags (US manufactured) that should be 6 points and make me compliant. The questio
  3. Just before I purchased my last Saiga 12, there was a price increase..it went to the mid $350 (about 2 months ago). My dealer just got in one long and one short barrel "12". The price is now just shy of $600 for either. I have noticed that there are low inventories of SAWs, now it seems to be effecting the shotgun prices. Is this a regional thing (I live in Pensacola) or are you guys seeing this nation wide. Your feedback is appreciated.
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