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  1. hi there you posted a pic on my thread. It has you with the mag pouchs I am wondering where I can get that set up??

  2. I recently converted the 22" from bullpup to standard PG config. I opted for the Tapco Double Hook (mainly cause my local guy had it in stock). The install went really smooth and all is well when I rack the slide and dry fire. however, under live fire, the hammer follows the bolt carrier upon cycling. It does NOT result in a slam fire or double tap, but none the less is dangerous and the gun is not resetting. I am sure this has been covered before, but I can't find anything this specific when I search. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Spoon
  3. For sale, partial AKU-94 Bullpup kit. Includes everything except the original trigger wire and the buttstock. I have included the "buttstock" I fashioned during my trial conversion. All small parts are included. $125.00 shipped to lower 48. USPS MO or PayPal only. Thanks for lookin Spoon
  4. Sorry I've been distracted for a while but I stopped by today and saw your responses. I do not have any springs on the front trigger, although I do have 2 small springs that came with the unit. The directopns made no mention thereof. The wire I am using is working fine. It is actually wire from a garage door install, so it is thick, but flexible and doesn't seem to be an issue. The trigger doesn't hang up during ry fire, only live fire... Honestly, as fun as thids exercise is, I am reconfiguring the gun back to full size with a collapsible stock. Too many things to go wron
  5. I really hate to do this, but Friday on a long road trip a wheel bearing went out and destroyed the spindle as well. $1200.00 later plus a rental car and hotel = selling something. This is a 22" S-308 that has been converted to Bullpup configuration using the K-Var kit I purchased from a member here on the forum. The kit was missing the shoulder stock and the trigger wire. I fabricated a stock and trigger wire, which both work well. Price is $895.00 obo which includes an extra Tapco T6 collpasible stock in case you want to reconfugure it to PG . Includes one 8
  6. Hey obake: "this is my rifle, this is my gun...this is for fighting, this is for fun!"

  7. In a word, NO! I had one on the 22" and it is too dfar bacl to reach afeter the conversion... Spoon
  8. Finally made it to the range yesterday! Fired about 60 rounds through the Bullpup using 1982 stamped surplus ammo (the greenish/blueish box stuff...). Weather was cold for Alabama and the skies were overcast. A perfect day for shooting! Overall I am fired up. The FSB/FH combo worked very well, even though I dinged it a little (okay A LOT) during install. Recoil was reduced SIGNIFICANTLY enough that I don't think a rubber butt pad will be necessary. I must have canted the FSB a little because in order to get spot on, I had to run the front sight all the way left and the rear almost to
  9. First, thanks for all the compliments, but really the praise belongs to the folks who have gone before me on this site. It's only thanks to ALL the info available on this site that I was even able to attempt this project. Believe it or not, I have not yet been able to fire the bullpup...IT"S KILLIN ME! My wife had surgery yesterday on her neck and the last few weeks leading up to the surgery have been too hectic to get out to therange or to the property we own. My hope is to get to the range this weekend . I am also looking for an old school SKS 1" rubber buttpad to add to the st
  10. No range report yet, (due to the wife's upcoming neck surgery I've been busy getting ready and taking care of the little spoons!) but I did make a modification to the stock: Hopefully, I'll get to the range next weekend-depending on the recovery period for the wife's neck job. Spoon
  11. Sweet, thanks. i thought it was a member here that built one, but just as well. I need some other parts from dinzag, so I'll get it there. Thanks, Spoon
  12. Did I see a post where someonefabricated some type of retainer for the forend of the KVAR Bullpup kit for the .308? Any help would be appreciated. Spoon
  13. So I found an old Romanian (I think) stock at the local gun store (the manager actually gave it to me). I butchered it to create this temporary buttstock: It choulders nice adn all, but I will definately get something metal fabricated asap. Good points: Free I was able to retain the cleaning kit storage area. Bad Points: It weighs too much It not exactly purty Hopefully, it will allow me to get to the range over this weekend an get a little range report in. Reloads are ajust a bit tight, but I actually t
  14. i know how you fell. i felt the same way. But then I took the plunge and convereted my 16" to PG and later added a folder. It's a lot easier than you think, especially with all the wisdom available here and on you tube guiding your way. Just remeber to get a good look at the parts before you take them out to remind yourself what they looked like at the beginning. I even took a digital picture to refer to. I bought the Tapco folder just to see if I would like a folder on my 16". It was cheaper than any other option, but the quality was rather surprising. YMMV Spoon
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