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  1. Lakedweller yes actually i just found that first object in the pictures you posted and attached it to my pins and it works great now! I knew something in the action felt funny! Now how do i get some pics up?
  2. Thanks for everything guys! Next I need to install the bullet guide and file the receiver down and im all done. Just to clarfiy, I installed the tapco G2 hammer and trigger, pistol grip, stock, and all that good stuff. Question is, I see people talking about different things like a retainer for a FCG? Can anyone elborate on what this is, or if I need to install some other small components that im not aware of? Everything seems to function fine, although I havent fired it yet. I just want to make sure I have everything I need before I go try to fire it and something bad happens. Also, I am tryi
  3. Was trying to find a write up on doing a 7.62 feedramp installation from start to finish. Anyone?
  4. If this mag will fit factory saiga with no modification i will take it. PM me with details. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for all your help guys, I was searching quite a bit for quite a few days and didnt come up with anything that suited me. This helps out alot. Thank you.
  6. iamrangemaster i appreciate your feedback alot. Im not sure if I was clear or not. What I wanted was a step by step tutorial on modifying the 7.62 receiver to accept military standard magazines. Noliath, the pictures of the gentleman modifying the .223 on the new member sticky doesnt have really clear pictures. I was curious in anyone had more of a "fool proof" one. Im just very hesitant to take the blade to my Saiga just yet as im sure you can imagine.
  7. While I am very gracious of what you have given me, because it does contain information, what I am looking for is more of a laymans guide to doing this. Sometimes when you guys are talking about doing things to certain parts, I dont know what those certain parts are, or look like, or where they are on the receiver. Anything else?
  8. Well guys, i've been looking for a while, found a link to filing down a .223 for the mag conversion but i havent found one for a 7.62 yet.... can someone point me in the right direction? Possibly with detailed pics of what to grind down and how much, what tools are required, etc. Thanks.
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