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    Thanks everyone. One more question for those of you that use Krebs. Which aperature do you use on the rear sight?
  2. Gogiants


    What sights do you use? This is for a gun that is primarily for HD but I would love to have fun with it breaking clays. Thanks.
  3. Thanks GOB. But my question that I need help with is, can I tell if a Polychoke will align with my bore?
  4. No No, I am not being clear. It wasn't that the threads were goofy, it was that the bore wasn't in the center of the barrel. I'll see if i can find the thread.
  5. While reading old threads about Polychokes I came across a post where the poster said the Polychoke changed his point of impact 6 inches. The poster said the reason was because his barrel was drilled off-center. He also said that this is a known issue with some these barrels. Is there i way I can verify that my barrel is drilled correctly before getting a Polychoke? Thanks.
  6. Gogiants


    LOL! That is funny and I am stupid. Everyone, thanks for your replies!
  7. Gogiants


    I am having my S12 converted. This is my first AK type firearm and my first shotgun. Should I have my sites upgraded too? If so, whith which kind? I had been thinking about an AK tower front site. If I did this should I keep the rear site or get a ghost ring? What else should I consider? Thanks, Jack
  8. I am having a Saiga 12 converted. This is my first long gun. I do not know if I should get the Tromix or Ace stock. What is your opinion and why? As far as folders go, do I want one? I am interested, I think, in the most solid stock I can get. So would that mean I should forego the folder? What are the benefits to the folder besides smaller storage size? Are there any tradeoffs? BTW, I've read this thread http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...mode=linearplus Trying to see if anyone has anymore ideas. Thanks, Jack
  9. That's what I thought. I agree too, they are cool. Thanks.
  10. As a noob I can't understand why a 20 rd drum is needed. What is the advantage to that over spending an equal amount of money and getting 5 or 6 stick mags with 10 or 12 round capacity? I think it is cool, but what advantage does it offer? Thanks, Jack
  11. Sorry for the newbie question, but why reduce the capacity of your mags? Thanks, Jack
  12. When I say noob I mean noob. My only firearm experience is Glocks. I know nothing about long guns, shotguns, AKs or anything other than Glocks. Anyhow, I bought a Saiga 12 this weekend. I have been trying to research and I hop some of you will take pity on the new guy and help me out. My Qs: I know little about 922r, to use high cap mags, I need at least one more US made part (besides the mag) right? The stock seems short, so I can change it to a longer US made one right? About stocks and pistol grips. I think I might like a collapsable stock (is colla
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