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  1. I am looking forward to the 5.45 and 7.62 mags. At the price Mike is quoting, they will be well worth it. I am still hoping for the S12s but lets face it, Mike runs a business and the direction he has taken is for the better. Loyal S12 fans like me can wait. Until then, we will has some AK 74/47 mag goodness.
  2. I have two of the Promag 12 drums and after about 400+ rounds through each, they have been 100% trouble free. I don't own their 20s but I do have a MD20 which is just as flawless. I like the 12 due to compactness and ease of loading. As to mags. The factory 8s are the best. They are extremely pricey (I have one only). The AGP 10 rnd sticks are great, I have 10 so far. Surefires are good too and can be cut down to the capacity you prefer. All my Surefires are cut to 8 rnds (6 so far). Drums: MD20 Promag 12 (10 if in restricted States) Mags: Factory 8s AGP 10s Surefire 12s
  3. I'm not understanding the hate over a TV show. Reminds me of another site's GD forum. The show is good entertainment. Will has some great talent. I look forward to more.
  4. Wow, I was on the fence about getting one of these but this just sold me on it. With these mods, it will look sweet. Guess I need to start saving $$$ to get this shotgun so I can spend more $$$ with Tony.
  5. Go with Chaos. Will will be very happy. UTG is junk. Troy micro sights are overkill as stated above.
  6. Also if you can, get or cut a piece of glass to just under the inside diameter of the gas chamber and slid it in for a better view of the gas ports. Taking a cue from the Wile E. Coyote school of gunsmithing, I used a mirror smooth butter knife to get a better view of them. Worked pretty good.
  7. I ordered mine on Thursday before Memorial Day and it arrived the day after Memorial day. That's five days including a Sunday and a Holiday. Talk about fast. No I am trying to find the time to get to the range and get it adjusted to my S12. I did not have any issues threading it into my gas block. You do have to go through the instructions as they are very straight forward on what to do. Had I not followed them, I would have have the same issues. S12 converted Polished internals 25% reduced power hammer spring 3 unobstructed gas ports KA gas puck Broken in with 400+ slugs and
  8. Must have been a typo. The SF mags are OK. I cut mine down to 10 and 8 rounds to my tastes. Promag as I recall are the only ones with a 12 rnd drum out right now.
  9. It's stupid shit like this that goes viral and drives the prices up. OP, you looking to make a profit on your S12 or something? With all the BS going around about the S12 it's this stupid crap that is not needed.
  10. Would it be better to go with #6 shot rather than 7 1/2 or 8 for the S12? Now that I have my TAC47 auto plug, I am ready to adjust it for low brass. I currently have Remington and Federal bulk packs in 7 1/2 and 8 but I wanted to pick up some #6 as well. Any suggestions on what brand and best place to get it for best $$? Wally World, Bass Pro, Etc.....?
  11. It will be cool to get a couple GS 7.62 mags for my AKs. I am willing to wait for the S12 mags. Anything Mike makes is worth the wait. This just means I have to get that second MD20 is all.
  12. AGP now sells floor plates to allow you to do the exact same thing. That is you have to buy the floor plates.
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