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    Gad ... still hopin' for a Black Friday deal ... even free shipping.  It's starting to look like I'll have to drop $600 (rifle, shipping, FFL fees) before I can even start to make a mod.  sigh .....

    While I think Saigas are only worth $350 or so, they still beat any other $600 AK you could get. At least IMO.



  2. "The harp program" is actually HAARP, the High Altitude Auroral Research Program. Basically a bunch of microwave emitters beaming into the upper atmosphere about 100 miles from Fairbanks Alaska. You can actually see the fringes of the project on the train from Anchorage to fairbanks.


    As for "pulling matter out of thin air" it actually happens zillions of times a second in any given area of vaccuum. "Virtual particles" pop into existance, and instantly annihilate each other. (Think a proton and antiproton pair so close to each other they can't possibly not attract and collide) This is actually what causes Hawking Radiation from black holes (The black hole eats one half of the virtual particle, leaving us with either a Proton or Antiproton)


    A sufficiently advanced alien race could theoretically use this to pull matter out of nowhere, with a side effect of getting an equal mass of antimatter at the same time. As to how to do that. . . only way we can conceive of now is to be near the edge of a black hole. . .

  3. As someone who checks people into hotels for a career, I do "profile" people based on appearance. Wearing a Leupold shirt or Cabala's cap? I'll prolly talk to you about guns. Have a Dr in front of your name and live on the east coast? I'll talk about my BIL who is an emergency room doctor out that way. (And incidentally I've run into two of his former bosses, 3k miles from where he's worked. . . small world.) Come in toting a rifle case, I'll be curious what is in it. If you are printing your CCW I will mention it, and point out that our housekeeping staff is VERY skittish about such things. As are our morning breakfast servers. (Though I WILL get them out to the gunrange some day. . .)


    Mostly, though, I am on the look out for people that are going to be noisy or destructive. Drunk or high and I'll probably have someone do frequent security walks outside your room.

  4. Which is why I removed the rounds from their firearms.


    They don't need them, living in a very good neighborhood (that they built) with good neighbors, with a good security system, with VERY good locks, and bars on all doors and most ground level windows. (The ones without bars are actually reinforced plexiglass.) Not to mention their live-in help.


    To the best of our knowledge they never even check their firearms, even though they've had a shotgun and handgun in their bedroom for years. Made the help nervous (Understandibly so with the dementia)


    My grandmother died in january, which removed the impediment I had in auditing their bills. (She was too paranoid to let me look at their finances.) Found out they'd been being ripped off by Frontier cable, Comcast, and Verizon for years, to the tune of $700 a month.


    My grandfather is likely to die literally any time now. The whole thing is a bit. . . surreal really.


    Sorry about the off-topic, but if you have elderly parents or grandparents, it may be useful to audit their tech bills; if they're paying the same as they were a decade ago, they're probably paying too much.

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