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  1. disregard, problem solved. Opened top cover and saw that the hammer spring had fallen off the disconnector. It was bought already converted, so whoever did the conversion goofed. Ran 60 rounds through it, no issues.
  2. Just took my newly acquired saiga AK47 to range. Gun is a lemon. Fires first round and ejects casing. Chambers next round but trigger is not reset. I rack the bolt and eject live round, it appears it has light primer hit. Empty shell casing from fired round has deeper primer strike. Same results with different ammo brand and mags. Now I can't get top cover off to even check out the problem. Going to have my smith check it out. Anybody have a suggestion?
  3. Hey Tom, what if installing the KA tappet and gunfixer plug doesn't solve my problem? How do I go about getting warranty work performed on my S12? Do I need to contact the company in Russia to get work authorization?? Do I just mail S12 to you @ Cadiz gun works?? The only mod. I did was install a USA made handguard. Will this void my warranty? Do tell.
  4. Already have the KA puck on order and I plan on getting the the gun fixer plug this week. I really don't want to mess w/ the 25% reduced recoil spring as my gunsmithing skills are that of a 4 yr. old child. I would like to leave all the internals as is. I don't mind swapping out stuff like the handguard, puck and plug. If the KA tappet solves my problem I will still add the plug to make life easier. It is a pain to use my leatherman tool to change the gas settings. Do I absolutely need all 3 parts to make this gun digest low recoil rounds? Can I getaway w/ just the KA tappet and plug??
  5. Newbie here. Just took my new S12 to range w/ some 10rd. promags and 10rd. surefire mags. After some filing and great info. from the saiga forums I was able to get the promag to fit my S12 but it would not feed anything. The Surefire mags worked great. Promags will probably get sent back under warranty. My S12 is a 3-port gun made in '08 and it would not eject Remington low recoil 2 3/4 slugs or 00buck. I tried some low recoil winchester ranger 00 buck and slugs and it would be a one shot weapon. I tried both 1 and 2 gas settings w/crappy results. Good news is that when I put full power winch
  6. Thanks for the advice. I went w/ the SGM tactical tri-rail from Carolina shooters supply. Greg has it on sale for $60.00. One version is for the bead sight, the other is for the ribbed sight. My older 2001 S12 had a crappy plastic rib, which unscrewed from the front of the gas tube; the newer rifles all have the bead (I think).
  7. I live in N.Y and cannot have a pistol grip on my S12. In order to use U.S Made 10-rd.mags on my S12 I need to change some parts to be compliant. I am looking @ getting a KA tappet and a US made handguard. What is my cheapest option?
  8. Thanks for the advice
  9. I just got 2-promags for my S12 and I can't even get them to fit in the mag well. They are very tight. Does anyone know how to mod these these things to make them fit?
  10. Newbie here. I just bought my S12 and was going to ask the same question. So from what I can gather AGP and surefire 10-rd stick mags fit and function w/ no mods. or other homemade remedies?? I got (2) 10rd. promags for free from the dealer and they don't even fit in the gun.
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