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  1. I'm a new guy with a saiga. After reading about drilling out the ports, I'm wondering. What would be the issue if you only drilled out some of the ports. Say two instead of three? I think this would help avoid going too far and creating problems. What do you thihk?
  2. since the polishing media is so forgiving, what would be the down side? The whole bolt gets polished. Does it affect tolerances or something? Does it raise the possibility of gumming up the action or something?
  3. This may be a really dumb question, but could you polish the bolt by dropping it into a tumbler used for cleaning and polishing shell casings?
  4. I just purchased a Saiga and have been following posts here to learn. I am curious about magwells. What are their function? Why make the modification? Does it really make a difference or is it just another mod for "class"?
  5. Don't know if I want to go tritium....I am looking at adding the mount used to mount a light on my Remington 870 on the barrel for a light and laser. I still would like to put a fiber optic on. I was thinking of the Godot II that mounts over the barrel on a shotgun...sort of a snap on thing.
  6. Anyone use fiber optics on their Saiga? How did you mount them?
  7. Anyone try any of the aguila mini shells in their Saiga? Results?
  8. I'm thinking about buying a 223. I am comparing a Ruger and a Saiga...I am sort of leaning toward a saiga but am unfamiliar with their quality and reliability. No gun dealers around where I live carry saigas. So, if I purchase, it will have to be over the net and I don't want to make a mistake. Which will be better (aside from just cost)? How does the saiga measure up to the ruger in: Accuracy Weight Reliability ease of working on ease of getting parts when needed Thanks ahead of time
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