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  1. I use my reloads the most. 7/8 oz loads with 18.7 grains of TiteWAD and a Cheddite primer, wad is a claybuster grey wad for 7/8 loads. I barely had to open up my 3 ports on each S12. I have 2 S12's. My guns are not over gassed at all. I can run factory loads and the rear trunion looks the same from 800 rounds ago. Regards Frosty
  2. I really like the MKA. So do not get the wrong idea due to my opinion about the price. I would really like to try one and even own one......or two. To bring this to complete fruition: Spare parts............plenty for years to come. ESPECIALLY..............BOLTS....EXTRACTORS.....FIRING PINS.....BARRELS. I understand that the lower is polymer and the upper is steel. It would suck to have a cracked upper due to slugs and heavy buck use. Mr. Rumore has a picture or two of this thing broken down. It has many many small parts. ALL of these need to be in hand at warranty service.
  3. Used ones I assume. Prices haven't been that low in damn near 10 years. Brand new.......both. Directly from an FFL at a Gunshow. Most people around here pass on them so the prices are low compared to else where. Regards Frosty
  4. **** I agree with what others have said in some of the threads here about the $700 price tag being high. I know people will jump to defend this. I am sorry but it is not worth that much even with all the kinks the S12 has, removed. **** If you have an S12 and have worked on it yourself you damn well know its not that hard. 8 months ago I bought 2 Saiga 12's for the same price as this 1 Turkish shotgun . Current prices for S12's are pure greed due to fear feeding just like AR 15's when Obama was elected. Yes, I would like to get one. I would just be paying for convenience. Lower the
  5. Simple as that.... Who is doing the warranty work? Phone number? Address? Regards Frosty
  6. I ask this because I can get Taiwanese S12 mags for $13.00. I can also get 10 round AGP mags for $29.99 sans shipping. AGP let everybody down by not offering the DIY mag kits anymore. Their site does not offer them anywhere...........typical. Regards Frosty
  7. The more pressure they (ATF) receives about their actions and interpretations of policy. The more they have to answer for what they say. Best Frost
  8. These are the two senators that wrote a letter to the ATF to knock it off with the multiple long gun sales reports. This was seen as an overburden to FFL's. Type in: NRA ILA in a google search and click on that NRA link. Read the letter they wrote and what they used to remind them about the recent Supreme Court rulings. They will probably be able to get something done about the whole "shotgun study" that has everybody upset. This is just an idea and since they may be looking at their budget in the very near future it might be worth while. I know it may seem that this new
  9. Since the new ATF director came in is when it all started. The exact same thing happened once before with another director in the past. All it took was for a few Senators to write a request as to why this was happening in the NICS system. They ignored the request and got their ass spanked for it. Contact: Max Baucus U.S. Senator and Jon Tester U.S. Senator. Let them or their staff know what is going on. These are the two senators that wrote a letter reminding the ATF the multiple long sales extra reports for FFL's was over burdensome and to knock it off. The same could be do
  10. There will be more added by the end of this week. Mike you have some hungry customers. I am personally ordering 10. I love it. He will do well with them when they are released. First in Black.... Then Coyote brown.... Then Olive Drab.... All with a cool logo. Best Frosty
  11. Cook your own food for 8 months. Stop going out to eat. Just buy food and gas and go to work. With the money saved you could get a......... Sten Mk II. Title 2 weapon. Fully automatic with a semi-auto selector. Its in 9 mm. 450 to 550 rounds per minute depending on the ammunition used. It holds 32 rounds in that horizontal magazine. Perfectly legal to own. I did it and will never sell mine. You should look into it. Best Frosty
  12. Hello, It will depend on your experience with different magazines. By your question we are cutting deeply through the trial and error of different magazines. In my experience and in this order..... Russian 5 round magazine that came with the shot gun. This is a base line for all magazines for the Saiga 12. I did have one that was not allowing the follower to smoothly travel through its upward motion. I took it apart and sanded the magazine walls a little and now its perfect. So it goes to illustrate that even these factory magazines do once in a while have an issue. This is a
  13. Is that an MD Arms Molot pistol grip? Best Frosty
  14. Hello, I reload so I used a wad for a shot shell. It fits the bore to an exact fit. Yes, It is soft but it grabbed onto the shavings from drilling and pushed them out. Run a shot gun barrel brush wrapped in a patch cut from an old T-shirt. Put several drops of oil on it and run it through the barrel a few times. Make absolutely sure the barrel is clean before you fire that shot gun. Steel shavings will show NO MERCY to your barrel. Best Frosty
  15. Hello, PSL I know you reload slugs and buckshot. I have been wanting to do this myself. What components do you use? Powder (how much?), Primer, Wads (brand and type), Hulls (whose work best and which to avoid),......etc. Do you Roll crimp or Star crimp? Please go into some detail if you could please. Best Frosty
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