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  1. The patrol and tactical models were only prototypes shown at shot show 2012. Not in production.
  2. I have. I drilled a hole in the side of the safety lever and from the back side, inserted a plastic tab. So the head of the plastic tab rubs the receiver. There may be a plastic tab ready to use but I got these little things at Home Depot used for supporting shelves. Then sanded the head down until it was just a little left. I know the description is not good. I'll try to post a picture of it later. But it works. On my Draco Mini, I ground off the point on the back of the level and applied some liquid rubber used for dipping handles of tools in. That also works.
  3. I'm on 2 waiting lists. One east and one west. 1st on one list. Keltec said they are producing 5,000 per month and sending them to their distributors now. So the quantities are limited and demand is high so most dealers will only be able to get a couple at a time for now.
  4. Zombie Defense Zombie Defense Kit open.
  5. Bud's Gun Store has the mini. $525 delivered to your FFL dealer.
  6. I was told by Century, they did not know when more would be imported but estimated April 2012. Classic had no idea of next batch of imports but they have never been very helpful with info. I grabbed a mini from Bud's while they were still available.
  7. Thanks for the advise. Love my new Draco Mini. Here's a pic after I dressed her up a little.
  8. If you don't mind my asking, how much did that cost? $80.00 including 2 mags and 3 dummy rounds. C&R Hardchrome, in Gastonia, NC - Jeff.
  9. A left hand charging handle just makes sense for a right handed shooter to me. You can keep you right hand where it needs to be and charge with your left hand without having to reach over or under the weapon. I wanted the handle pointed up instead of out the left side so it wouldn't be poking me in the midsection when carrying with a sling. Works great.
  10. Draco Mini just got back from a Spa treatment at Longwith's trim & accessories. Elctroless Nickel Plated insdie and out Left hand charging handle Extended magazine realease Modified safety lever modifed sights front & rear Tapco muzzle brake Carolina Sooter Supply pistol grip Custom front hand gaurd made entirely from original "Hot Dog Bun" with CSS front collar Magpul MS2 sling 3rd pic is the orginal before the treatment.
  11. Good tip, Drthunder88. I an guilty of not using tags. I'll start doing that. I guess I have become a Dracophile. I didn't even know they existed until a forum member told me about them less than a month ago. But since the Draco Mini has only be out for a few months and is now in short supply until more get imported next sping (maybe April?), I think the interest will be growing in coming months. It might be worth while to have a section ahead of time.
  12. flare guns at any boating supply store...westmaine. I keep one on my boat so this makes sense to carry next to it just for when the pirates attack.
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