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  1. We have not sold any drums yet and are currently testing the Vepr 12 DRUM , The listing on our site states they are coming soon and encourages our friends to sign up for the Notification list .
  2. AZG , Could you please email that pic over to our office would like to post it on our facebook page the Wood looks AMAZING!!! Did you have a chance to go shooting ?
  3. Here are a few pics of the IWI Galil ACE we expect in early to mid 2015
  4. We have a similar rifle that Vector Arms has built for us the V94L , I really like the wood on your wifes gun that is sweet.
  5. We are currently toruture testing the AKX-9mm ,Everything has been going along very well & they are making a few minor tweaks to the gun and expect the Gen 2 Demo guns to arrive later this week for futher testing . We anticipate these will be aprpoved for production in the next 1 -2 weeks .
  6. We will do our best to keep you posted and feel free to email us at any time if you have questuions on the progress of the project , We are cuurently in the torture testing phase of the AK 9
  7. Yes Atlantic is involved with a 9mm AK Project however we are not building the gun in house . We have teamed up with a well respected firm to develop and build the 9mm AK pistol and Rifle series . The builder & Atlantic have no desire to prematurely release an item that has not been 100% tested, we are going to great expense to run the crap out of these guns .This project has only been 5 months long to go from an idea to blueprints, CNC custom made parts and a solid working gun . We had already developed a 9 mm AK 10 years ago based on Surplus parts and it was a pain the but , quite fickl
  8. Right now we have 2 seperate design teams working on this project & we will see what they come up with . Hope to know more towards the end of June we need to make sure the project is finiacially feasable before we do to far .
  9. We are working on 2 diffrent designs now for the 9 mm AK format in a pistol and rifle configuraiton hopefully we will see some progress on this just tyring to gater as much input and info as possible before starting on the proto type phase of things.
  10. The importer just lowered the price after negotiating a deal with the Russian factory late Thursday . The price went into affect on any sales of the Vepr 12 from Friday 3/28/2014 on they will not offer vendors back credits or compensation on guns sold prior to that time.
  11. We have shipped over 400 of the BR 99 and have had only 4 issues reported to us thus far so the track record on the shotgun has been very good .
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