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  1. Hello, Ronin38 They used to have Uncle Ted. Even though his nickname is "The Motor City Madman", he has for a long time been a Texan, with a big spread outside of Waco, I believe. -Guido in TX
  2. Hello I've got (3) sons (step) who shoot and (7) grandkids, (5) of who enjoy shooting. My take on the subject is that while we're enjoying a respite from the grabbers for the time being, it won't be long 'till the pendulum starts to swing the opposite direction. I'm thinkin' some of my grandkids will never be able to buy their own firearms and/or ammo, so my mission is to see to it that they will have what they need. So, I'm a buyer, not a seller. Obviously, enough is never enough, but I'm doing what I can. That includes teaching them about reloading and hand loading. -Guido in TX
  3. Hello You think some of the numbers regarding President Trump's election look dodgy, just take a look at Col. Allen West's (Ret.) numbers resulting from his Congressional re-election effort in S. Fla. Quite a few counties had numbers of votes approaching (or greater than) 150% of registered voters. Of course, the RNC rushed down to Florida to help.....his Demonrat opponent. He definitely needs a place in President Trump's administration. Can't imagine why he hasn't been tapped for one. -Guido in TX
  4. By Crikey, mate...He's a beaut! -Guido in TX Hello Reckon turtles get that reaction a lot. -Guido in TX
  5. Hello, Sim_Player God may have provided dogs to soothe man's soul due to the aggravation women cause...... I've found that having your dogger in the house fosters the "pack mentality" that's natural in dogs. When your dog feels they're an integral member in "your pack" they will do virtually anything to guard and protect every member of the pack. Particularly with a natural protector like a GSD, you will have the most dependable alarm and guardian system known to man. They will lay down their life without a thought to protect the pack. Congrat's on the new family member, DLT!
  6. Hello, Mike Hear here, Sir! Very well stated. Now, if our American business-minded President would stop worrying about who to export our Natural Gas surpluses to, or what to do with our recently liberated coal reserves, and come to the realization that re-awakening and rejuvenating our steel and alloy foundries are the answer to a becoming a true economic player again. A Country cannot become great and strong again when its' manufacturing base is dependent on imported steel and other base materials. God forbid we have to go to war (could happen any day) without the facilities to smelt
  7. Hello What scares the bejesus out of me, is the statement by Terry McAulife, I'm thinkin' he's the governor of Virginia maybe? He stated on-camera that 93 MILLION Americans are shot down by gun violence every day in this Country. I had no idea it was so bad. I'm gonna start wearing my armor every day. -Guido in TX
  8. Hello Well, so much for "the same tree...." But, it was a romantic story, anyway. -Guido in TX
  9. Hello Well, it seems motorbikes were not a wise choice for either Duane or Barry. If I'm not mistaken, they both crashed their Harleys into the same tree, almost exactly a year apart. Many people speculated that while Duane's accident truly was one, Barry's mishap may have been not so accidental...... -Guido in TX
  10. Hello I was fortunate to have seen the original Allman Bros. (with Duane Allman and Barry Oakley) on the 4th of July weekend in 1970 at the Atlanta Pop Festival when I was 14. It has been heralded as their first "national" gig, being 5 months prior to their magnificent "Live at the Fillmore East" recording around Christmas of that same year, as I recall. I have been a rabid Allman Bros. fan ever since, particularly the original band with those two members mentioned above. That festival also marked Jimi Hendrix' last big American concert, he fittingly performed on Saturday night, July 4t
  11. Hello You may be thinking of his more talented brother, Duane (The artist responsible for the beautiful, lilting, bottleneck guitar lines on "Layla" from Derek and the Dominoes, often erroneously credited to Eric Clapton) -Guido in TX
  12. Hello The ACLU just came out with a "travel advisory" for Texas, due to the recent legislation to incarcerate individuals (including LEO's) that circumvent immigration law. "Gee, honey, seems Texas may be getting somewhat safer, what do 'ya say we change our holiday destination to....hell, Dearborn, Michigan maybe?" That's an ACLU approved location! -Guido in TX
  13. Hello, Chile How do you rate the Papa Sierra mod's? Kind of an astonishing amount of plastic innards on those nimble little carbines, no? -Guido in TX
  14. Hello "How big is (are) your gun safe(s)? -Guido in TX
  15. Hello GOB Don't forget about sherrifs, like "Sanctuary" Sally Hernandez from Travis County (Austin.) And our newly elected Demonrat self-proclaimed lawbreaker Ed Gonzales from here in Harris County (Houston) I just wonder who put Joe Strauss' head in a vice to convince him to bring this bill to a vote. -Guido in TX
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