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  1. I was gonna guess it holds the rail to the rest of the handguard. I've never had a rail I had to "level." That's kinda strange. But maybe I'm just inexperienced since I've only installed a few rail systems in my life
  2. Put this together after getting some 240 fps slo mo
  3. Well, many moons after starting this thread, I compiled a video shooting some of this random stuff. With some slow-mo. Turned out pretty good I think! I recorded a bunch more I'll probably put up when I feel like doing more editing (ugh.) Oh, and if you're a salty old bastard with no sense of humor, withold your crotchety bastard-like comments about it
  4. I recorded a short video showing/comparing the Winchester "loud report" blank to a couple shells that actually have loads. On video, it sounds almost just as loud as a target shell. In person, it is definitely not the case. I personally wouldnt feel uncomfortable firing the blanks without earpro. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq1EXFc_Bc4
  5. I've used it, and I've dumped an MD-20 of it. Fed perfectly. The box I bought was 00 buck, but it was roll crimped with a clear overshot card. But I doubt that would give you a different outcome.
  6. I just started reloading shotshells this year. I have made small batches of various loads testing for the best ones for use in my Saiga 12. I finally found a lee slug load I am very happy with. I'm starting to make a good stockpile of those. Now I'm trying to find my favorite 00 buckshot load. (I have a lee #00 mold) I've narrowed it down to 2 loads that have worked best: WIN AA Hull, 209, 32grains SR7625, WAA12R, and 9 pellets of 00 Buck. -Velocity = 1450 FPS and FED Gold Medal Hull, 209A, 34grains Blue Dot, WAA12R, and 12 pellets of 00 Buck. -Velocity= 1350 FPS It real
  7. Of course, right after I posted I found the solution. I can lower my stock a little bit by bolting in lower on the folding mechanism.
  8. I just purchased the Krebs iron sights, which gives a good sight picture. Problem is, I cant look through them very well with my tromix stock. It seems a lot of the AR15 style stocks on converted saigas angle down a little bit, which is not the case with the tromix. If I get a proper cheek weld, I am looking over the top of the ghost ring. To get a good sight picture, I have to turn my head stupid and have the stock sit against the side of my cheekbone. I have a low profile side picitanny mount, so I'm thinking of maybe getting a low profile picitanny peep sight to put on it. It will still
  9. Well, it says in the forum title "Items FOR Saigas..." That can cause a little confusion. But, can't do much about it now. Unless a mod wants to move it?
  10. I bought these less than a month ago to try out. I just wasnt fond of the sight picture. Minor cosmetic wear- there's a little nick on the upper back edge (see pics) Comes with sights, the 2 tools that came with it, and 1 green & 1 orange fiber optic tubes. New, they are 79.99 (+ shipping) new on CSS These ones I'll sale $65 shipped EDIT: Please PM me if interested. I'm not going to keep coming back to check on the thread. Thanks!
  11. I went and bought some factory blanks - Winchester Super X "loud report". I shot a couple and was pretty disappointed by how weak they sound. No ear pro required, and these are labeled "LOUD report," and are factory produced with a team of R&D behind em. If they cant make a blank with a powerful sound, who can? Moral of the story is, I dont think blanks as loud as a loaded shotshell exist. I cut one open to look inside. Looks like corn media separated from the powder with a cork spacer.
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