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  1. I had no luck with this auto plug am I doing something wrong? Did I get a defective one?
  2. Hey I got it I did make the notch skinnier but I also had to file the raised ridges on the sides of the mag as well. I don't know how well it'll function but I'm glad I got to practice on a cheaper mag before I got one of the more expensive ones. I would have rather used my dremel though I have a delicate touch with one and I could be more accurate in what I was doing. Next time :-)
  3. It seems to me that I have to make the notch in the back skinnier as well as shaving it down I got it so it will go up into the mag well now but no much material left for the notch and the mag release still doesn't click? I did use a hand file my dremel is at work I'll post some pics of what I mean in a bit
  4. If I get the AGP/SGM mags do you still have to file them? Because this sucks I'm pretty sure that I just killed this one. No more Promags for me.
  5. I just got a promag 10 rounder and to my dismay it doesn't even fit into the gun? What's the best brand of magazine you can buy for your saiga 12?
  6. K I took it apart and as far as I can see it does level the rail. If you put it together without the little screw the rail tilts forward. It allows you to tighten the regular handgaurd screw down too much. Like I said I'm gonna try and grind it down some so it doesn't stick up so much
  7. I guess I should leave it in there then. I wonder if I can grind it down a bit without booger-ing it up too much?
  8. No the tiny one in front of that one!
  9. Trying to attach accessories to the rail and found this set screw (the small one) sticks out so far it makes this slot useless. Can I just ditch it or will the rail twist or something? Anybody know?
  10. Price point and availability are reminiscent of Kel-Tec business strategy! I still want one.
  11. What is the exact rule? It's about how many US made parts are on the gun correct? So if the magazine you add is made in the USA I don't see how it would make it worse? Isn't the 5 round magazine that is included Russian?
  12. It said in the description that the gun was compliant and BATFA approved so I'm hoping it's cool?
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