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  1. I have a NEW CSS G1 Preformance Gas PUC and a Used DPH 6 setting Gas Plug. Asking $35 Shipped for both. I accept Discrete Paypal + 4% or gift , or money order. Items have been cross posted.
  2. Missippi Auto Arms Internal Stock Adapter SOLD
  3. I am selling some Saiga 12 Parts that I no longer have a use for. All parts all new and unused. Missippi Auto Arms Internal Stock Adapter $40.00 Shipped Carolina Shooter Supply G1 Preformance Puc $15 Shipped Carolina Shooter Supply Modified Bolt Hold Open Lever SOLD Will sell it all together for $50 Shipped. I accept Discrete Paypal + 3% or gift , or money order
  4. Wish my block would have come off that easy. I had to take mine off with an air hammer.
  5. Update. Took the gun to the range today and it is cycling all type of low brass like it did in the old days.
  6. If a 4th port is needed should it all be drilled to .093 or .078?
  7. Last night I went ahead and opened up the 3 ports to .093. None of the ports are covered by the gas block. I dont have room to make a 4th hole unless i open up the gas block hole a lot more.
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