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  1. I have a NEW CSS G1 Preformance Gas PUC and a Used DPH 6 setting Gas Plug. Asking $35 Shipped for both. I accept Discrete Paypal + 4% or gift , or money order. Items have been cross posted.
  2. Missippi Auto Arms Internal Stock Adapter SOLD
  3. I am selling some Saiga 12 Parts that I no longer have a use for. All parts all new and unused. Missippi Auto Arms Internal Stock Adapter $40.00 Shipped Carolina Shooter Supply G1 Preformance Puc $15 Shipped Carolina Shooter Supply Modified Bolt Hold Open Lever SOLD Will sell it all together for $50 Shipped. I accept Discrete Paypal + 3% or gift , or money order
  4. Wish my block would have come off that easy. I had to take mine off with an air hammer.
  5. Update. Took the gun to the range today and it is cycling all type of low brass like it did in the old days.
  6. If a 4th port is needed should it all be drilled to .093 or .078?
  7. Last night I went ahead and opened up the 3 ports to .093. None of the ports are covered by the gas block. I dont have room to make a 4th hole unless i open up the gas block hole a lot more.
  8. Took the gas block off and one of the ports is .078. The other 2 ports i couldnt even get the .078 drill bit to fit in all the way. Looks like I am going to drill out the ports now.
  9. The CSS puck moves freely but the factory puck does not. I knew I should have checked the ports what I had the gas block off...
  10. Update. Took gun the gun to the range last night for some testing. I poIished the bolt, carrier and hammer. Replaced my puck with a css G2 puck and I replaced the gas plug with a DPH plug. I ran 75 rounds of Federal 8 shot 1145 FPS target loads. Every was FTE some blew the bolt back, some didn't. This happened with both the messed up factory puck and plug as well as the aftermarket parts. I ran 25 round of Federal 7 1/2 shot 1200 FPS target loads and had 5 round FTE. I am not sure which would be better. Checking to see if my ports are drilled to the correct size (if not drill them to the c
  11. As far as I can tell to fix it they may have done some minor honing (but hard to tell the gun was away for so long) on the gas block and they buffed the puck down until the scratched were out of the puck. After taking off the gas block today, the gas ports look to be untouch. As far as me taking it back to them to fix it. I am done with that since it took around 4 months for them to put the sights on and not do any type of test fire after the instal. And almost 3 months for them to do whatever honing and buffing they did. Plus i got more and more pissed every time I went to their facebook
  12. Does anyone know how far back into the gas block the gas puck should go?
  13. First let me start off with some background on my S12. It cycled low and high brass round with no problem. I then decieded I wanted HK sights. So I took it to one of my local gun shops and had them install HK sights. I got the gun back, took it to the range and I couldn't get anothing to cycle. Took the gun home and tried to take the factory puck out and it did not fall out like it normally does. I had to beat it out a hammer and dowel rod. I figured the gun smith welded the HK sights on with the factory puck still in the gas block. Since there were deep scratches in the puck. So I took it bac
  14. I am looking for some ak upper and lower handguard tension springs. If you have some you would like to get rid of let me know.
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