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  1. I want to get my 20 to run on Federal bird shot. I have 3 holes that I can see. I want to enlarge the holes or open up the gas block hole if some are covered. Has anyone done this yet that can help me. Well I pulled the trigger and pulled gas block off (It came off easy!). I have 3 holes which ate approximately 1/16. Any suggestions one how much bigger to make them? My gun cycles slugs but does not kick the shell out on the bird shot. The case usually ends up getting crushed by the feed hood
  2. I have a R&R Burris mount if that's something you are thinking about
  3. OK I read the sticky. I guess I should've been more specific and stating what are my options as far as aftermarket parts without disassembling the gun. If I do decide to disassemble the gun Are Saiga 20 gas holes the same diameter as the 12's?
  4. I know this would be better placed in the Saiga-20 section, but I think this would apply to both guns and this forum gets more traffic. I recently purchased a Saiga-20. I took it out today and it will feed pheasant loads on setting 2. On setting 2 with low base rounds it will fire and load new round but the trigger will not be reset or it will fire and only partially eject the spent case (stovepipe) which is usually the case. What is the best place to start to get this gun running correctly.
  5. I have a R and R mag well. Which limits what I can use
  6. I have been away for awhile and went to my local gun shop and they had a Arsenal converted Saiga-12 for $1050.00. I thought that sounded like a great deal. I go to some of the gun auction sites and they are not even selling for $1000.00. What have I missed.
  7. I have one and have used it for many matches. It is an awesome set up. The other plus is the mag release bar extends toward the trigger so as soon as the gun goes empty you reach up with your trigger finger and tap the release while grabbing your next mag. I would definately recommend it.
  8. I want a free conversion. I am sitting around with the wife and probably drinking a few beers. I did buy $30.00 worth of fireworks which is about 6 here.
  9. Hawktech arms has one for 208 with mount. I think the website is hawktecharms.com
  10. I'm in! Although I will have to figure out how to use it left handed
  11. Running an auto plug in MGM Ironman as we speak with no hiccups yet. Shot slugs, shot and 00
  12. I need belt clip for 12 round mag if u can bring it
  13. With some recent topics on op rod length I decided to measure a few things regarding the CSS puc. Here is what is confusing the crap out of me. I took out my gas plug and noticed the CSS puc is just short of the gas holes. I then removed it and put my factory plug in and it sat further back. I then took them both out and measured them. The CSS puck is shorter in overall length! How the hell is that possible?
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