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  1. K-Var has folders now in 2 configs! The more expensive one the original tubular folder with cheekrest is operational and has all the 922r compliant parts added
  2. Every time I see a veteran or active duty and most times with my children I thank them for their service ! I get looks from others but I am educating them peeps too! I sincerely thank you for your service !!!! Cheers Mike.
  3. Never any Dis respect to any Service man ! Just ignorance ! I checked with CSS and they told me the Billet Brake is aluminum but has a steel sleeve inside with the threading and quite capable of being Permanently Silver Soldered or welded by a good welder! Thanks Gunny!
  4. Thanks Sarge for the info I got with my smith and he informed me he was aware of the ATF regs on this type of build and had Silver Soldered the brake with the pin . In my excitement I did not post originally that it had been Silver Soldered but since thanks to you edited my original post! Cheers Mike
  5. 8.6 lbs.. I had a S12 from that Texas custom shop but no Bolt Hold open and no Mag feed ramp so I sold it for this one !
  6. Thanks to Evil for help with do's and dont's on this build !!!!!!! My gunsmith did the barrel work and profile and polish bolt and new G-2 trigger group so with a 5" Muzzlebrake Pinned and" Silver Soldered" overall L is 18.5" and it eats it all . Had to add 2 gas ports to what was there and Voille!!! Chaos quad rail HG Bone steel Folder with Magpull 5 position stock with sissy pad "limbsaver" Hogue pistol grip the thicker one ! Magpull vert grip. Tapco G-2 trigger group 5" US GK-01 copy of Russian brake US Gas puck
  7. I used the Bone Steel AR stock that folds and added a Sissy Pad ,vert grip !
  8. I think the ban is for future imports . The import process can take quite awhile and the ones we are seeing now have been in the works for some time .
  9. My Class III SOT just looked at the receiver and barrel and said he had not worked on a Vepr-12 or seen one before and did not feel he could get the barrel out of the receiver . So I am looking for a shop that can do it!
  10. So their overall barrel length is legal 18.25 " with a 5 1/2 " muzzle brake . My local gunsmith SOT said there was no way to get the barrel out as he thought would be needed to rethread etc! I guess I could ask LoneStar to give me a quote. Not sure they would as they like to build the whole rig.
  11. I would be in as well! I do have my V-12 set up with a forward vertical grip on the Chaos HG and a Limbsaver pad on the folding AR style stock and the recoil is a vast improvement over the stock gun
  12. I installed last night late as it was and the quad rail wobbles or rotates . Did I miss some parts or are their set screws I need to drill myself to eliminate the wobble ? Please advise!
  13. I asked my SOT FFL to cut my Vepr barrel and pin on the 5+ " Russian copy brake so the overall Length would be the the legal length without having to be a tax stamped SBS! . But he said he could not get the barrel off or out of the receiver as it is pressed in the receiver ! So no go !
  14. Nice report good luck on the trial. I mounted a Hogue front HG on my Vepr took some dremmeling though ! and i like it a lot more than the factory for it's tactile rubber feel .
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