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  1. I was gonna guess it holds the rail to the rest of the handguard. I've never had a rail I had to "level." That's kinda strange. But maybe I'm just inexperienced since I've only installed a few rail systems in my life
  2. Put this together after getting some 240 fps slo mo
  3. Well, many moons after starting this thread, I compiled a video shooting some of this random stuff. With some slow-mo. Turned out pretty good I think! I recorded a bunch more I'll probably put up when I feel like doing more editing (ugh.) Oh, and if you're a salty old bastard with no sense of humor, withold your crotchety bastard-like comments about it
  4. I recorded a short video showing/comparing the Winchester "loud report" blank to a couple shells that actually have loads. On video, it sounds almost just as loud as a target shell. In person, it is definitely not the case. I personally wouldnt feel uncomfortable firing the blanks without earpro. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq1EXFc_Bc4
  5. I've used it, and I've dumped an MD-20 of it. Fed perfectly. The box I bought was 00 buck, but it was roll crimped with a clear overshot card. But I doubt that would give you a different outcome.
  6. I just started reloading shotshells this year. I have made small batches of various loads testing for the best ones for use in my Saiga 12. I finally found a lee slug load I am very happy with. I'm starting to make a good stockpile of those. Now I'm trying to find my favorite 00 buckshot load. (I have a lee #00 mold) I've narrowed it down to 2 loads that have worked best: WIN AA Hull, 209, 32grains SR7625, WAA12R, and 9 pellets of 00 Buck. -Velocity = 1450 FPS and FED Gold Medal Hull, 209A, 34grains Blue Dot, WAA12R, and 12 pellets of 00 Buck. -Velocity= 1350 FPS It real
  7. Of course, right after I posted I found the solution. I can lower my stock a little bit by bolting in lower on the folding mechanism.
  8. I just purchased the Krebs iron sights, which gives a good sight picture. Problem is, I cant look through them very well with my tromix stock. It seems a lot of the AR15 style stocks on converted saigas angle down a little bit, which is not the case with the tromix. If I get a proper cheek weld, I am looking over the top of the ghost ring. To get a good sight picture, I have to turn my head stupid and have the stock sit against the side of my cheekbone. I have a low profile side picitanny mount, so I'm thinking of maybe getting a low profile picitanny peep sight to put on it. It will still
  9. Well, it says in the forum title "Items FOR Saigas..." That can cause a little confusion. But, can't do much about it now. Unless a mod wants to move it?
  10. I bought these less than a month ago to try out. I just wasnt fond of the sight picture. Minor cosmetic wear- there's a little nick on the upper back edge (see pics) Comes with sights, the 2 tools that came with it, and 1 green & 1 orange fiber optic tubes. New, they are 79.99 (+ shipping) new on CSS These ones I'll sale $65 shipped EDIT: Please PM me if interested. I'm not going to keep coming back to check on the thread. Thanks!
  11. I went and bought some factory blanks - Winchester Super X "loud report". I shot a couple and was pretty disappointed by how weak they sound. No ear pro required, and these are labeled "LOUD report," and are factory produced with a team of R&D behind em. If they cant make a blank with a powerful sound, who can? Moral of the story is, I dont think blanks as loud as a loaded shotshell exist. I cut one open to look inside. Looks like corn media separated from the powder with a cork spacer.
  12. +1 Went smoothly, great communication. Would be happy to deal with again.
  13. Why do you say not to put them in a gas gun? I know they wont cycle it, but will it damage it somehow?
  14. I dont think primers are loud enough. they make more of a pop, not a boom. I'll probably go to the sportsmans warehouse near my home and buy some blanks. I've seen em for sale there before. I'll cut one open and get some inspiration to experiment on my own since I cant seem to get any recipes.
  15. For cinematic purposes. I know they wont cycle, but thats okay.
  16. That knob on your sight is REALLY big and hanging over the ejection port. I have a chaos extended rail with a sight which had a similar knob (not even as big as yours) in that same spot. I tried all kinds of stuff, enlarged the ports, switched to aftermarket parts, etc. Soon as I took the sight off, it started working just fine. It may not be the root cause of your FTEs, but I would not be surprised at all if it was. I guarantee you either way that the knob hanging over there will contrbute to FTEs. Try taking the forearm/quadrail off and firing. Just fire it naked without a handguard or a
  17. Looks like its discontinued on midway, but I get stuff from precision reloading pretty regularly. I'll look and see if they have a new one available I can pick up next time. Thanks update: Looks like precision reloading doesnt have a book that says its for blanks anymore. Do you have any recipes or know of any other manuals that have recipes for blanks?
  18. I want to load some blanks for my S12. I want a loud boom with minimum debris coming out of the muzzle. Have any of you guys made something like that?
  19. I think it would be easier if you decided what you want, then people can tell you if they think something is shit. I have a tromix monster claw brake, and I'm happy with it. I use a burris fastfire red dot, and its magnificent for any type of shooting.
  20. Haha this is a quality thread! I didnt vote on Chaos, although I did have issues after installing it, but I found out my cycling problem was due to the optic ON the rail, not necessarily the rail. Took a lot of time, ammo, troubleshooting, and irritation to figure that out though. I'd really like to try out the CSS tri rail and see how that thing does. I haven't heard much about it, but it looks nice and fairly compact.
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