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  1. If you ever plan on selling them, don't chop either. If they are going to be in your collection forever, I would go with the 21".
  2. My reason was the same reason I didn't get a VEPR 12 when they were $749 shipped - I already own my Saigas and the cost to get one was too high when considering mags and accessories despite the cool factor of having many of the whistles and bells that took me years to add to my Saigas. Will I regret that decision? Perhaps. I personally believe that enterprising individuals will figure out ways to import this stuff around the EO if Saigas are going for $1,500. ETA: The people I feel super bad for are the folks whose businesses are dependent on these weapons being available &
  3. It is basically the same as a mag coupler then and you are shooting it in its original imported condition with factory mags, so I don't think there should be any 922r compliance issues.
  4. I'm not quite sure what you are asking but a gun can't have more than 10 foreign parts, so you can't double count a magazine because you are just adding 3 more parts to it even if they are all US made.
  5. Not quite sure about the "Concern" part, but having Mikhail's last name on my AK is definitely a good thing!
  6. Thanks Squishy! Let us know how they are when you get them. I will wait 'til next week at the gunshow before I decide if I am going to order some.
  7. I have a big gun show coming to town next weekend and I usually pickup the Winchester Ranger buckshot when I'm there which works in the Saiga 12, but is much more expensive and therefore not as freely and quickly dispersed at the range.
  8. Hi guys! I came across the Spartan Buckshot on gun-deals and was curious if anyone here has any experience with it in the Saiga 12. The pictures look like it is star crimped instead of roll crimped, which is good for our drums vs. other discount rounds like Rio Royal or S&B/Wolf. SGAmmo shows it in a drum working on Youtube. Has anyone here personally tried it in your Saigas? Any issues? It appears to be low brass, so how is the power? Pricing is $100-$120/250, so it is priced right for range use. Sorry for the watermarked pic, but it showed the crimp best.
  9. To the OP... if you want to get into suppressors and full autos, a quick post like what you have done is fine for preliminary research but you have a long, long way to go. There are dedicated forums like NFAtalk.org that will answer every step of the process (you just have to read) and even the NFA board here has tons of useful information from people that have been through the process numerous times. The ATF website also has the majority of the paperwork and regulations available for download as well. The hearsay on the Internet and in gun stores that all your Constitutional Rights go u
  10. Yeah, 10,000 rounds with no failures from a Bushy with Federal is pretty dismal results - All AR's should be scrapped and thrown into the ocean!
  11. Here are some good reviews of some of the Model 10 rifles: http://www.snipercentral.com/sav110fp.htm http://www.snipercentral.com/sav10pc.phtml http://www.snipercentral.com/sav10fcpmcm.htm http://www.gunblast.com/Savage10FP-LE2.htm To compare features, check out the Savage website: http://www.savagearms.com/firearms/models/
  12. Rayne, the exceptions to barrel wear would be in new tricks like melonite coatings, polygonal rifling etc. Additionally, moly bullets (not a fan personally) and just shooting lower velocity rounds will help save wear on your barrel. If you are pushing over 3,000 fps, then your max accuracy likely won't last as long as a rifle pushing out 2,600 fps. There are barrels that last closer to 5,000 and you may still keep sub MOA for even longer. However, the maximum accuracy potential is typically best between 200 rounds and 2,500 rounds on most barrels. The new stuff hasn't really been extensiv
  13. If you are buying a Krieger barrel and putting together a quality rifle, I wouldn't waste my time with that optic unless you plan on building a benchgun that you precision roll your own loads by hand weighing each component on precision equipment. For man-size targets, that scope will not do you any favors at high power. Get a Nightforce or IOR that maxes under 25x (or any of the European glass like Ziess, Meopta, Swarovski) if you plan on spending that kind of money. If you don't like them, they retain their value rather than dropping about 40-50% in the used market like most Chinese s
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