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  1. Dark horse: Trades that interest me are krinkov, Saiga12, arsenal AKs 7.62 or 5.45, Judge or similar, air weight S&W revolver, Polymer frame pistol. Grease grenade: I'm down in Jacksonville FL. I'm Just a fan of Popcorn.
  2. Dark Horse: Id prefer to sell but I am open to trades. Juggernaut: I've heard it called phenolic, cloth reinforced resin, and glass fibere material. If you hold it up to light just right you can see a little of the cloth texture on the hadguards.
  3. SOLD thanks! Pre Ban Calyco AK Produced at Ling Hua in China Blued finish Greenish black fiberglass furniture. Numbers Match Includes Chinese mag pictured As I understand it these were the earliest Chinese imports. predating Norinco and Polytech. Some marks/light pitting in the finish but its still looks great. bore and internals look good. This a really neat and uncommon gun and its tough to let it go. More pics >>>>>>> http://smg.photobuck...IMullon/Clayco/ Will ship in Plano Hard Guncase $1600 Shipped
  4. I just found another Draco locally, anybody want it? PM me
  5. Yes its Century, but as I understand it they just import it and have nothing to do with the assembly. Can anyone confirm this? I added a black pistol grip i had laying around and did some filing on the dust cover as there was some interference with bolt carrier/ charging handle. I'm planning on adding a sling using a loop of parachord on Pistol grip bolt. The gun has a great compact feel when handling it.
  6. Just snagged a New in Box Draco on from "an auction site" for 475, I'll be out $526 after Ship/CreditCard/FFL. NOT BAD FYI Atlantic does not have them despite advertising them at the top of their homepage.
  7. I was planning on getting a Draco or Mini but it seems these have really dried up in the past few weeks. Anybody know of a place to order one?
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