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  1. Even with welding equipment and skills I say plugs, as noted, flexibility in configuration choice, and as noted, you do affect the receiver, to what effect? I dunno, why chance it?
  2. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/70127-thought-on-922r/ Response to the above comment at the link above.
  3. "My advise is to test your own theory! Simpley go to a large Gun Show with your rifle non-compliant, but with the bolt out, show it to one of the every handy BATF Agents and then opt him your legal theory. All good theories must be tested in real world applications to have any meaning and since you seem to be the only one that sees the logic of this one, that makes you the prime person to conduct this test!" After a bit of research, I think the person showing the ATF agent would be fine, as long as he did not "Possess" the parts needed to fully assemble the weapon into completed form.
  4. Mr Mivet

    410 Drum

    How do you know? Have you gotten a test one before anyone else and actually tried one? Seems to me quite a few folks are happy with their drums, I have 4 of the 12 rounders , and they are the shit for having 12 available rounds in the smallest footprint out there, and they run good too. If you are gonna smack talk, you better have the evidence to support your assertions, till then, its just whining. Oh as for the PM 10 rounders, I understand the last two shell slots are plugged solid, same drum, just 2 less rounds, for the states that have a 10 round mag limit.
  5. The Romanian/Bulgy/Euro open back drum that were imported, WERE chinese made, and then marked in England to show they weren't made in China, and then brought into the USA under a false importation permit. I read the indictment of the importers, which specified all the charges, what they did, etc. And, I had an importer tell me at the time they were coming in, that it was well known they were chinese made, because nobody in Europe had ever made them, only the Russian type, and then magically a few thousand drums become available from a mystery plant located in Bulgaria, some said Romani
  6. Had a Yukon, which was a good deal for the money, more practical than the Gen 1 soviet stuff, which is like mounting a scythe blade to your rifle, you gotta handle one to appreciate the size. Jumped to G3, with a PVS-7, and it is PHENOMENAL, it truly brought the "We own the dark" comments by our military into my understanding, found a CORSAK IR laser, and there is abolutely NOTHING to equal the IR laser with the 3G goggles, if I had the coin, I would have went for a PVS14 model as well, because it would be even more superior for weapon use as you can look directly down it, where the goggle
  7. One screw = Bad Mojo for long term usage. Perhaps a welding loctite to location where the sight meets the mount for extra strength?
  8. SARCO had some el cheapos that stank like fresh plastic and rubber, and just snapped on over the exposed tube, they cost 6 bucks, and they work just fine, I used mine for an M4 with a red dot mounted to the carrrying handle, and it doesn't get much higher than that. But 4 for the same cost as one of the above, and when your dog eats the rubber, you have a spare. Trust me, I know about that scenario.
  9. You don't need to disassemble, loctite makes a "Wicking" formula that is like penetrating oil, and will work itself into fasteners already put together, I don't believe its as strong as the standard blue, but, it has worked well whenever I have used it. I do believe its the "Purple" loctite, or "Green", I don't remember which, and I tossed the bottles a while back as they had evaporated and I haven't replaced them yet.
  10. Hey Lonestar, you are really blowing it out of proportion, I have considered upgrading to an 07, and getting my class 2 SOT, and my experience with the ATF so far has been positive, not one mention of security systems, or armed guards, they recommended a good safe, which I already have, and the ITAR fees and whether you must actually pay them is what the question is at this point, and I still do not have a definitive answer as to whether non exporting manufacturers need to register. And, when dealers come in and spout off about how hard it is to do this stuff, it reminds me of all the guns
  11. Guys don't own a Saiga 223, but, was the ammo marked not for duty use? And made by Federal? From some of their M855 stuff marked as above, that I have seen, it appears they are selling total crap in the "Not for duty use line" there were dented cartridges, that wouldn't chamber, and I wouldn't doubt its lots of ammo that were rejected by the US military. It wouldn't surprise me if that itself was the problem.
  12. Actually, my mount is a different variant altogether, all smooth, none of the cast in lines protruding from the face, unlike the above, however, the base of the scope screws are smaller and evenly recessed as the above legit one, as well as lack of "Made in Russia", and its actually also marked as Imported by EAA, and the manual shows 2004 dates of production. I'll get some pics up tonight, but I think I am safe that its a real one. It was part of a very good package deal, and I couldn't refuse taking it, so, I am glad its a legit one, it was a bonus, now its a double bonus.
  13. Thanks man, rushing to compare, as this is the model I just got.
  14. Nice write up Zen, too bad I got the one 5.45 scope with a reticle calibrated for 2000 meters, a PO, that starts at 400 or 500, its tough to tell, and goes out to 2000, I assume its for an RPK, though I have considered using it as an telescopic battle sight system, IE, shoot for the belt buckle, and its high at close range, and dead on out to 400 M, but that goes against my teachings of center or mass, IE, center of chest, not belt, and it may be difficult to change for just one optic. I guess I need to either buy an RPK74, or find somebody who has one and needs an optic for it. But a
  15. I have read the counterfeit Kobras have been circulating, does anybody have any tips, ideas of good markings, bad markings, etc? I just got a 2nd, that uses AA's, and my first used flat cell 2450's, I will post pics later, but I believe both to be real, but I would like some info if anyone has it on the knock offs, or links to sites that have the scoop. Thanks in Advance.
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