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  1. Well, at this point I don't have the cash to do so, sadly. My first choice would be a 9mm suppressor and a full-length CZ barrel, threaded (I own a CZ75 Compact). I'd have to win the lottery to buy the other NFA items I want... Thompson, M1918 BAR, MG42... And if it was possible to get one in this country, I'd love a CETME AMELI squad auromatic (looks kinda like a baby MG42 with the M16 carry handle). Sigh. I don't suppose you guys would know of any openings for a Human Resources major with a minor in International Business, would you? I did hear one interesting idea about what
  2. Please forgive me, I've been out of touch and stopped sticking my head in here to say hi. I saw a proposed rule change from back in August 2013 that ATF was going to require EVERYONE, even trustees or Corporate employees to get fingerprinted, etc, and get the CLEO signoff. Did that get shot down from too many complaints, is it still 'proposed', or has Uncle ATF successfully screwed the US. Again. ??
  3. a couple extra hole for the buckle. Fortunately, mine are going the right direction!
  4. HAHA! I wouldn't be caught dead with one... Dude, are you kidding? Who the hell is going to try to jack a bag like that?!? One minor issue with instrument cases: Those that know what instruments go for might be more likely to jack the bag. My better fiddle is worth more than all my firearms put together!
  5. I regret selling all three long guns, but not so much the 5.7 pistol. I really regret selling my 6.5mm Swedish Mauser. First rifle, ever. I really regret selling the Winchester 94 in .45LC. And I really, really regret selling the chinese knockoff Trench Gun (replica Winchester 1897) But you would have to kill me to get the PSL, SVT, or my CZ.
  6. Love that shotshell unloading device, evl. Why'd you go for a 6.5" barrel?
  7. 700X shotgun powder? A friend of mine is helping me out, going to use that up and some of his 125gr hardcast lead for practice ammo.
  8. For me it was trying to find small pistol primers. Friend of mine has some 700X powder left over that he doesn't shoot anymore (yes, we have load data for shotgun powders in pistol cases), and a bunch of hard-cast lead I can use for practice ammo. Gotta save the hydrashocks and frangibles for the fighting mags.
  9. Your joking, right? I believe he's being sarcastic. sort of like when I got a speeding ticket I told the cop, "wow, you got me, bet they'll promote you now for you're "astute crime fighting skills". Ive got another one to use next time, " I was going to be a police officer, like you, but 2 things held me back. 1) I passed the test and 2) I know who my father is. Honestly, the better one to use on a cop is, "You pulled me over so I can buy tickets to the Peace Officer's Ball, right?" When he grumpily responds, "Peace officers don't have balls" you got him. And you nev
  10. I'd get the .45cal first, save the artillery piece for later.
  11. For what it's worth, a friend of mine recently back from asscrackistan wants to build a piston AR. Said he had issues keeping his M4 reliable.
  12. I was pretty sure that it's only the FCG (and lower receiver) that's different in the AR platform, not bolt/carrier. Old AR lowers (pre-87, I think) were the same as M16, since you could drop in the auto sear. New AR lowers don't have the space machined out for the auto sear in the FCG at the factory.
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